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theory11 artists are the foremost experts in the conjuring arts. Our team is without equal, running the spectrum from new upcoming talent to magic's greatest historians. We strive to take magic to the next level, pushing forward in its natural progression and evolution as an art form.

Andrei Jikh

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Born in Russia, Andrei Jikh has risen to the top of the cardistry artform, all the while being one of the industry's youngest creators and performers. Andrei's videos have inspired and motivated cardists around the world - with his signature style, creativity, and knuckle-busting moves.

Andrei's debut instructional video GENESIS is the perfect resource to start learning cardistry, with 30+ moves and over three hours of instruction. Genesis v1 received rave reviews from around the world, inspiring a sequel - Genesis v2 - released in 2011.

In 2013, Andrei directed the special features content and iTunes Extras for the blockbuster film "Now You See Me" starring Jesse Eisenberg, Morgan Freeman, Mark Ruffalo, and Isla Fisher. In the iTunes Extras, Andrei teaches some basic cardistry moves and demonstrates his skill and accuracy at card throwing (slicing a banana in half!).

In February of 2014, theory11 released The Mystery Box in collaboration with JJ Abrams and Bad Robot. Andrei's cardistry is featured in the official preview video for The Mystery Box, showcasing the playing cards and the Mystery Lockbox.

Q&A with Andrei Jikh

What is theory11 to you? Why is this site different?

theory11 is a rendezvous between cardistry and magic. It is the place to be for the latest and the greatest across both artforms, with respect for the industry in the forefront.

What got you into Cardistry?

The first visual I ever had of cardistry in action was that of De'vo. I was entranced by the movement and level of skill apparent. My family (and father in particular) has a long history of gymnastics in Cirque du Soleil, so the dexterity and fluidity of the movement was inspiring and motivational. Since then, I've placed great emphasis on creating moves of my own, defining a unique style, and working with others (like theory11) to advance the artform.

How long do you practice each day?

In the beginning, upwards of 10+ hours and this lasted for about 3 to 4 years. Presently, the deck is almost always in my hands and moves are much easier than they have ever been.

Who is your favorite performer to watch?

I could name a few but those who possess creativity and inspiration are always worth watching a million times. A few highlights - Bone Ho, Dan and Dave, The Virts, Philip McAuley.