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Andy Nyman

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Andy Nyman has managed to combine his careers as an actor, writer, director and magician. Within the magic world he is probably best known for co-writing and directing the Derren Brown shows, whilst his own creations have been popular with magicians the world over for almost two decades. His book, Bulletproof has become a much sought after modern classic of mentalism. His trademark anchors to the idea that simple methods yield the greatest impact.

As an actor, his many movie roles include Howard in Frank Oz's Death at a Funeral, Severance, and the cult TV show Dead Set.

Andy's first book The Golden Rules of Acting is published by Nick Hern Books this September and should be read by all performers.

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Q&A with Andy Nyman

What got you into magic?

My uncle bought me a magic set when I was twelve. At the same time, a very bold robbery happened at a store in my home town. It was a big news and I was blown away by the chutzpah of the robbers. Somehow I connected that criminal thinking with the art of misdirection in magic tricks. Thank goodness my uncle bought me that set or I believe I may have headed into crime.

Who is your favorite performer to watch?

There are so many great people, but I would have to say Penn and Teller. I've always adored them and always will.

What do you see as wrong with the industry today?

I would say laziness and a general lack of care for how you represent yourself to the world.

What advice would you give to those that are just starting in magic?

Take your time. Don't do magic to become a star, do it because you adore it.

What is the difference between a good trick and a GREAT trick?

Think about what it means to you. Why do you love it? Why are you performing it? How can you communicate that to your audience? So often I watch magicians perform tricks that seem to mean nothing and are just there to fill 5 minutes of their act. Love what you do.

What is the last trick you saw that fooled the crap out of you?

Akira Fuji's linking cigarettes. Simply magnificent. Unbearably perfect and fooling.

What do you think magic, in general, will look like in the next 10 years?

The same as now. Magic has been properly 'cool' for almost 20 years now. Blaine changed the landscape for a generation. It will continue to stay like that. If it's profile dies on TV, it'll keep going online until it resurges again. But look at the advances in technology. The beautiful videos you shoot for theory11 would have cost millions of dollars ten years ago... And now! It's amazing.