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Blake Vogt

Years in Magic
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Blake started magic at the young age of 8 and started his performing career in high-school performing for children's birthday parties. Performing through college he ended up stranded in Las Vegas due to a snowstorm and Chris Kenner allowed him to stay at his house for a week. This week changed his life forever.

Since that time, Blake has served as a creative consultant to David Copperfield, Dynamo, and David Blaine. Blake hopes to continue creating magic professionally for the rest of his life. And finally... he's allergic to everything! See details on Blake's groundbreaking effect REGENERATION.

Q&A with Blake Vogt

How did you get started performing magic and what are your favorite situations to perform in?

I started performing magic when I was 8 years old but fell in love with magic in high school, which is when I got serious about magic. I absolutely love performing magic to total strangers while out with friends because its such a fun way to meet new people. I also love performing magic on stage for large groups of people because its an incredible rush.

You are a wizard at splitting and manipulating playing cards.  What made you start doing this and what advice would you give to people who want to learn the art of card splitting?

I started splitting cards because I thought it was an area of card magic that was untapped. I love origami, folding paper, and making things with my hands, so splitting them just opened up more avenues to do all of these things. Advice I would give would be: thin side down, learn on newer cards, have lots of patience, and never give up. It gets easier the more you practice..

How many things are you allergic to?

Too many things to mention in this format... Just keep peanuts away from me and we can be friends.

What things can we look forward to from you in the next few years?

Consulting is taking up a lot of my creative time right now and will in the next few years, but I always am working on personal tricks here and there. If any of these become regulars for me to perform I would really hope I have an opportunity to share more of my magic with the magic community.