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Dan Sperry

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With acclaimed performances all over the world from across North America to Europe and a plethora of top awards and honors including the title of "Most Original Magician" by The World Magic Awards, 2-time winner of the Award of Merit from the International Brotherhood of Magicians and is the 25 Anniversary Gold Medal Champion of the World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas - Dan Sperry proves that in his case magic no longer sucks.

Dan is one of the youngest magicians to tour Canada with the largest touring magic show: ILLUSIONS, produced by Murray Hatfield and not once but TWICE, Dan was also the youngest magician to be featured in The World's Greatest Magic Show in Las Vegas for 5 years and he is the youngest non-member magician to not have to audition, but be invited by the president of the Academy of Magical Arts to perform in the Palace of Mystery at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA.

Only a small number of magicians share this honor, some include the late Doug Henning, Lance Burton, and David Copperfield. Dan's live performances include razor blades, deformed babies, tattoo machines, buzz-saws, voo doo, blood, and have been notorious for inducing laughter, shock, and projectile vomiting - we're not kidding.

Q&A with Dan Sperry

Who are some of your inspirations in magic?

I have a lot of different inspirations in magic. Different styles, genres, etc. So it is hard to choose just one or a few actually. I have to give credit to DC Money - David Copperfield - he was who I saw as a kid and got me interested. Neil Foster, Joseph Gabriel, Paul Kozak, Jay Marshall, Don Alan, Cardini, and Marshall Brodien are just a few that come to mind but like I said too many to name.

You perform both close-up magic and large illusions, which do you enjoy performing more?

I enjoy performing no matter what. That is a tough question. I guess you could say I enjoy performing right in the middle - like a Cabaret style - where I can perform both even if video screens are needed. My favorite audience size would be between 300-500 people maximum.

What advice would you give to a magician trying to create and find their character?

You really do have to be yourself - even if you are trying to come up with a "character." It still has to be you, so really be true to who you are. Don Alan had great advice and he would say stand in front of a mirror naked and take a good brutally honest look at yourself to see who you really are. Obviously, for example, if you weigh 800lbs you should not be trying to wear tight pants and open shirts performing dramatic illusions.

Do you have a favorite effect?

That is a tough question. I have favorites I like to see performed and I have favorites I enjoy performing myself. If I had to say and effect I enjoy performing as one of my many favorites it would be my take on the shattered Russian Roulette. I've really put a lot of work and thought into that routine from showing clips of people on YouTube screwing up other Russian Roulettes in various magic shows to throwing a hammer into the audience - so many levels of shock and surprise besides just slamming hands on paper bags. It is one of the routines I can relax and just have fun performing, put the audience member in an uncomfortable position, and stand back and watch how they deal with it.

In its current state, what do you see as the biggest problem with magic today?

Magic is the only talent which you can purchase. Anybody can go buy a big box, or some invisible thread, and say they're a magician. There are too many dillusional people who need to accept the fact they suck and seek out help or give up now and take up stamp collecting. When people try to be singers and they suck at it - they make themselves look stupid, but it doesn't hurt the other singers. But, when somebody sucks at magic - they make themselves look stupid and it hurts us as other magicians. Does that make sense?