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theory11 artists are the foremost experts in the conjuring arts. Our team is without equal, running the spectrum from new upcoming talent to magic's greatest historians. We strive to take magic to the next level, pushing forward in its natural progression and evolution as an art form.

Dan White

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Dan White has mystified audiences across the globe. From Malibu to Milan, Paris to Istanbul, he has been the featured entertainment at many of the world's premier events.

Specializing in close up magic and mentalism, Dan has been refining his craft since the age of nine. With his Fine Arts background, he adds a new dimension to the art of conjuring, bringing mystery and elegance to each of his performances.

A Philadelphia native, Dan has performed alongside David Blaine and consulted on multiple David Blaine specials. In 2011, Dan served as a creative consultant to legendary illusionist David Copperfield in Las Vegas.

In June 2011, Dan White starred in his own magic special entitled "The Supernaturalist" on the Discovery Channel. In January 2013, Dan was featured in an international television commercial for Hewlett-Packard (HP) computers. Watch it now here!

Q&A with Dan White

What is theory11 to you? Why is this site different?

theory11 is a new way of looking at a classic ideal. A site that raises the standard in magic by giving the art the respect it deserves and emphasizing quality over quantity. Delivering the most creative magic from the best minds in the business, theory11 is giving magicians an alternative to the norm.

What got you into magic?

Like most, a simple magic set given to me one evening by my father lit the fuse. As a child, I had always been intrigued and frightened by magicians and their knowledge of secrets that I knew nothing about. As I grew, I wanted to know these secrets and wanted to be able to harness that level of mystique that had fascinated me. Since then, I have seen how powerful magic can be, and how it can affect people on such a visceral level.

Who is your favorite performer to watch?

Rene Lavand, Chan Canasta, Eugene Burger, David Blaine, David Berglas -- all performers of unequaled elegance and depth.

Tell us about the first time/effect you performed.

I remember impressing the girls at school with my Hot Rod a.k.a. Fantastic.

What's the last trick you saw that fooled the crap out of you?

I am not at liberty to say.

What do you see as wrong with the industry today?

Very often it seems that effects are being put out without much thought or audience testing. Too often people come up with an idea and immediately want to market it without ever trying it on real people. This is not fair to the consumer, who expects to actually be able to perform what is promised. The manner and language used in the marketing of effects is also a bit patronizing. theory11 will bring magicians effects that are real, not just over-hyped ideas. They will deliver these effects in an honest and non-condescending manner.

What advice would you give to those that are just starting in magic?

Learn the basics. They are the support and foundation of everything else. Learn from the past and use that knowledge to create that which is new. Respect your audience -- they are smarter than you think. Believe in what you are doing. Define what the word "magician" means to you, and perform and live in that way.