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Rick Lax

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Becoming a lawyer, writer, poker-master, and magician was no easy task for Rick Lax. While you'd think the diversity of interests would interfere with his magic, Rick reasons if anything, it has made his magic stronger; giving him a unique perspective on things.

While writing at the Las Vegas Weekly, Rick has mingled and connected with an array of people. In the mean time he's managed to write three books: Lawyer Boy, I Get Paid for This, and Fool Me Once. Rick debuted on theory11 with the release of Vertigo - the effect proved to be a remarkable success. His follow up projects HIGHRISE and Detach did equally well. Rick is praised for his classic presentation and unique methodology.

Q&A with Rick Lax

Do you remember the first magician you ever saw?

Copperfield. When I was three or four, I'd go over to my grandparents' house and watch their David Copperfield VHS tape collection - again and again. My grandmother loved those tapes. Her strong reactions showed me the powerful effect that magic can have on people.

What tricks do you perform most?

The Ambitious Card and Gregory Wilson's Pitch & Ditch.

Is creating magic an artistic process or a scientific process?

Most magicians would probably say artistic, but for me, it's scientific. To me, creating a trick feels like solving an equation in math class. It's not as bad as it sounds; I actually liked math class a lot!

What kind of magic tricks do you hope to create?

I don't care if a trick is "cool". I don't care if it's flashy. I don't care what props a trick uses. The one thing I care about is this: Does the trick actually fool people?