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Spencer Clark

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Three words: Odd Man Out. Spencer Clark, a profusely talented cardist entered the limelight with his groundbreaking video, Odd Man Out. He's been working vigorously since 2006 on moves that have defined himself and will redefine the world of cardistry. We're excited for his debut cardistry project in 2012!

Q&A with Spencer Clark

How did you get started in Cardistry?

I bought "Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic" and one of the sections included the waterfall flourish. Shortly after, I discovered Decknique, Dan and Dave Buck, and De'vo.

Who are some of your inspirations?

Andrei Jikh, De'vo, Jonas, Dimitri, Luka, Aviv, Cardini, Lance Burton, Fred Kaps and several others.

Do you have a favorite flourish?


Who is your favorite cardist to watch?

Jonas Haglund

Do you perform magic?

I started out in magic but I don't perform it anymore.

What is your creative process when it comes to formulating a new flourish?

I mostly just experiment and think about different ideas until I find something that I've never seen before. I work from there to create an aesthetically appealing flourish.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in cardistry?

Explore your options and never limit yourself to any one concept in cards.

How do you feel about the internet and cardistry?

The internet has been essential in helping cardists to connect and share ideas. Cardistry most likely wouldn't have progressed as far as it has without the internet.