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Saturday Night Contest - Election 2012 Prediction

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Nov 3, 2012.

  1. j.bayme

    j.bayme ceo / theory11 Staff Member

    This Tuesday in America, the long election process of a President will be decided. This week's contest isn't about who you're voting for, if you're voting, or even if you live in America. It's about one thing: a prediction - a specific, mathematic prediction, of the results. A tradition in mentalism, often presented by Kreskin and Uri Geller.

    So for this challenge, we want you to use your mentalism powers to predict the outcome of this year's Presidential Election: the exact total from the Electoral College. Each state has a specific number of Electoral College votes that decide the election, and combined, all of the states have 538 electoral votes.

    Your job is to predict how many of those 538 votes will go to each candidate. The two individuals in the contest are Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. Your guesses should look like this:

    Obama: 320
    Romney: 218

    Romney: 305
    Obama: 233

    Remember, the two numbers have to total 538 to make your guess accurate. You get TWO GUESSES per member. Make 'em count! All predictions should be posted in response to THIS forum thread on or before 11:59pm EST on Monday, November 5th. After the election results are in on Tuesday, we will go through all submissions and see whose prediction is most accurate, first.

    What's up for grabs? The winner will receive 1,000 Elite Member Points, and a brick of Red, White, and Blue: a mixed brick of playing cards composed of Red JAQK Cellars, Players by Daniel Madison, and Blue Aristocrats.

    UPDATE - The results have been posted! Check out the AMAZING results in this post.
  2. Obama: 389
    Romney: 149

    Obama: 335
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 7, 2012
  3. Obama: 303

    Obama: 318
  4. Obama-333
  5. Obama/Biden: 364
    Romney/Ryan: 174

    Obama/Biden: 304
    Romney/Ryan: 234
  6. Obama: 373
    Romney: 165

    Obama: 294
    romney: 244
  7. Obama:250

  8. election prediction

    Obama: 385
    Romney: 153

    Romney: 293
    Obama: 245
  9. Obama : 321
    Romney : 217

    Obama : 290
    Romney : 248
  10. Obama:298

  11. Obama 293
    Romney 245

    Obama 286
    Romney 252
  12. Obama: 327
    Romney: 211

    Romney: 413
    Obama: 125
  13. Obama:416

  14. obama350
    romney 188

  15. Obama: 390

    Obama: 250
    Romney: 288
  16. Obama: 394
    Romney: 144

    Obama: 309
    Romney: 229
  17. Obama: 250
    Romney: 288

    Romney: 260
    Obama: 278
  18. Obama and Romney

    Obama: 385
    Romney: 153

    Romney: 294
    Obama: 245
  19. Obama- 324
    Romney- 214
  20. Obama: 360
    Romney: 178

    Romney: 301
    Obama: 237

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