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Saturday Night Contest - theory11 live 08/11/13

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Aug 10, 2013.

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  1. j.bayme

    j.bayme ceo / theory11 Staff Member

    In July, we hosted a live YouTube event in association with the Society of American Magicians, magic's oldest and most respected organization originally presided over by Harry Houdini. We gathered an eclectic group of artists - from Chris Kenner to Brian Brushwood to Michael James and Dan White - and for one hour, we talked about magic and cardistry; past, present, and future.

    The event was a breakthrough success, with over 600 questions and comments during the broadcast. So we're doing it AGAIN, and it's happening TOMORROW night on August 11th at 11:00pm EST. Don't miss it! But if you can't make it, don't worry - it will be recorded.

    The event will be broadcasted live on YouTube, and will span about one hour. This time, we'll be joined by yours truly, Marco Tempest, Calen Morelli, Zach Mueller, Steve Cohen, and a few surprise guests.

    In preparation for that event, tonight you are invited to submit YOUR questions to our panel in response to this forum thread. You have 24 hours to submit your questions, and we'll answer as many as possible during the live broadcast. All questions are fair game - directed at any or all of our panel hosts. This is a rare opportunity to gain insight and advice from some of magic's most experienced and successful performers, so choose your questions wisely! One random member whose question is asked during the event will receive a 6 pack of Monarchs and a shiny new Monument DVD Set by Dimitri Arleri.

    Watch the Recorded Broadcast Here:

    UPDATE: The Winner Has Been Posted!
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  2. what is your favorite deck of cards
  3. Skills like flourishes, escapology, gambling demonstrations, hypnosis and Tempest-style graphical media manipulation are now accepted parts of the magician's arsenal. So, to what extent would you say overt displays of technique and ability can be incorporated into a magician's performance? Is there a line beyond which the performance stops being magic and becomes something else?
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  4. What do you think about the implementation of modern technology in magic today, Much like the things Marco does, but on a wider, more accessible platform. Including the impact of internet forums/communities such as theory11?
  5. What are you planning on making next?
  6. rob_tabris

    rob_tabris Elite Member

    Internet help lot of people (me incluided) to learn magic and even improve our art form, but at the same time this "easy-to-find" information has its own defects... What do you all think they can be?
  7. Roy Walton

    Roy Walton has made an incredible mark on magic with his books and other tricks. He hasn't made any DVDs as of yet. How do you think this would impact his legacy to the younger generation of magicians who learn thru DVDs and YouTube?
  8. How do you think we can make magic more mainstream? Right now, people still have that idea of a geeky guy in a top hat, so how could we change that?
  9. Why do you do magic ? And what got you interested in the art ?
  10. in your opinion, are DVD's the best way to lean new material and if so how much material should be on the disc for it to qualify as a DVD
  11. Brendan H.(4)

    Brendan H.(4) Elite Member

    What deck of card help start your path to a career in magic? (and do you still have that deck?)
  12. In your performances, do you find it more important to lie to the crowd and try to make them believe in the magic, or be very transparent with them, yet still fool them?
  13. For all.
    -Is there a distinction between entertainment and art in magic?
    -Would you rather be known as an entertainer or an artist?
    -If you could only perform one trick for the rest of your life, what would it be?

    For Marco Tempest.
    -Considering the quote "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" and the fact that some spectators dismiss magic with explanations such as "it's a trick deck" or "magnets". How do you avoid them simply dismissing your magic as "technology"

    For Steve Cohen.
    -Would you ever dismiss a trick because it lacked the sufficient elegance or class for your performance style and venue?
    -Is it possible to transform any trick into the style of your Chamber Magic?
  14. Locations and Magic

    Do you think certain regions/locations are more suited to magic than others? Do you think,for example, at the beach, people may just want to be entertained, but in a college town, spectators may want to prove their smarts and expose you?
  15. Jay Adra

    Jay Adra Elite Member

    For Marco:

    Where does the inspiration for your effects come from? Do you find tools/software which can do certain things so you base the effect around those capabilities? Or do you think of an idea and then search out the tools to achieve it?
  16. If you could learn from any magician in history for a week, who would you choose and why?
  17. For Zachary- Since you seem like one of the younger team members, do you think people have predetermined opinions about younger people and magic? Like that we have no lives, that our tricks are not as powerful as the older guys, etc.
  18. See Wen Loong

    See Wen Loong Elite Member

    What advise would you give to a young magician ?
  19. i'd like to direct this question to steve cohen but i'd also like to know everyone else's views on the subject.

    Magicians are often critical of other magicians, not necessarily for their lack of technique but perhaps for their performing style or certain magician pet peeves. for example, tensing up before executing a sleight. Often these things are not something lay people would pick up on or notice. Do you think this scrutiny of our peers is harmful to magic? After all as magicians we should not be tailoring our magic to suit the preferences of other magicians but rather, tailoring it to effect lay people in the strongest way possible. Or do you feel this scrutiny is necessary and helpful to improving us as performers
  20. Personally, my parents hate the fact that I love magic and am into playing cards and tricks; did your parents support your magic, or did they have a negative outlook on it?
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