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Who are Ali, Burns Richard & Philip.

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by imreallybad, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    At the end of Andrei's video: THE'ME, he credits


    I know all of these people except Ali, Burns, Richard & Philip.

    Can anyone tell me there last names or send me a flourishing video of theirs.

    Thanks a lot

  2. All of those people are from the handlordz forum (2006-2008-ish). Everyone besides Burns was also a member of Decknique.


    Burns disappeared into the real world ages ago. I couldn't dig up any videos - not sure if he's doing into cards anymore, though judging by the chops he had back in the day I hope he still does.

    Richard was the man that started Decknique, the card flourishing forum that Theory11 bought and incorporated into their website.


    Phil is a canadian. He was best known for having insanely fast l cuts, as well as being generally pretty disgusting with a pack of playing cards. Not much of his material is still online - but I did find this:


    Enjoy your daily dose of card flourishing history?
  3. Thanks so much man, this was really helpful :)
  4. richard

    richard cardistry and media / t11

    I'm Richard :)
  5. HEY!!!!! you are the guy that started the most popular cardistry thread ever!!!!

    "You know you're a card artist when....."
  6. richard

    richard cardistry and media / t11

    I suppose, heh. I'm kept up to date with a lot of what's going on at t11, and even make routine updates/fixes to the site. Even though you might not see me around, I do have little impacts here and there once in a while :)
  7. He also created and destroyed the greatest cardistry site ever in the history of flourishing :)

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