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Exposé - Top Secret

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2 years ago
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Mike P.(4)

2 years ago
My guess is that the dice was created to be a training tool for casino staff. It is used for demonstrating what a loaded dice will act like when it is placed in a balancing caliper.

Mike P.(4)

2 years ago
As a follow up, it to my post above it would also be used to show how a loaded dice acts when thrown on a table

Obed I.(1)

2 years ago
It's a casino weighted die, perhaps a prototype, in most cases the die will have larger slugs in certain areas. Some slugs are drilled deeper to add weight. When the user rolls the die, the die is more likely to land on the side which is heavier thus favoring certain numbers.

Jesaja C

2 years ago
its a casino cheating dice prototype


2 years ago
I think its used for casino training. I think they would use it to get the rhythm of the roll down so they can get what ever number they want.


2 years ago
My guess would be that it is designed to assess the weight and impact of the epoxy used for the spots against the weight of the die. Ideally both would have the same mass so the die would roll evenly, but as you can see in the video, the undrilled side is heavier than the epoxy.


2 years ago
My guess is that the dice is weighted. It's used for casino training. And the reason why the holes are drilled so deep, is because it's where all the weight is being added.


2 years ago
my guess is that it's a weighted/loaded/crooked dice, which makes certain sides land more or less often. can't be sure since i've never seen one with only one face. they look a lot like craps dice too, so they could've been used to cheat in that game.


2 years ago
I seriously got nothing. After searching the web for an hour. I will have to guess that its a weighted dice to determine the balance of another dice.


2 years ago
I read about something similar a while ago that followed a similar convention to that. They were called Sicherman Dice and one of the die's in the set was made like this and another also different from a normal die. These were designed with the purpose (according to my book) to severely inhibit the odds of rolling doubles due to the way this set was oriented. I don't have a reason that the dots are bored so deep, but my guess would be so that side was much more likely to land on the table making this set of dice inconspicuous because that is the most notable tell that it was fake as every other side of each die had a regular appearing number of dots.


2 years ago
Loaded 'Gaffed' Dice - Loaded dice are dice that have been modified in a particular fashion to make a specific number turn up more often than it should according to chance. These modifications can including shaving, weighting, magnets and heating. And I think it's a gambling cheating dice.


2 years ago
I guess it's a loaded dice designed for exposing the secret. In other words to show and teach the public about how it's done but only on a larger scale.


2 years ago
My guess is that it is to test the balance of the white colored plastic plug to the red plastic die. To make sure when the die is manufactured it is NOT a loaded die.


2 years ago
I guess its a dice which has lot of sheets on one side and the magician can then slide those sheets onto the different sides.


2 years ago
I remember Jason talking about something similar on the dice switch video, where he said it was just something he picked up because he thought it was nice to see how a loaded die worked.

But I have a feeling that that is not the right answer, although I am pretty sure that since the "eyes" on the die is so deep that it has to have some influence on how the dice lands when it's thrown.
So I'm just gonna go with the answer I have on the top of this post.


2 years ago
its not even a dice, its for determining the poker chips


2 years ago
I think Its a die for training CHEATERS. It was made to teach cheaters (not casino workers) how to detect and use loaded dice.

Ben Morris-Rains

2 years ago
Factory error. Or it was supposed to be a domino!


2 years ago
I am betting on a gimmick to be released later this month.


2 years ago
It is the inner cape of a loaded die. The side with the spots weighs more, so you are going to force the number which is at the opposite end. It was created to cheat at games which require dice (duh!), mostly at 'familiar' games more than at casinos. This is an exposed die, which has not been painted. With paint, the spots are covered so that it is undetectable. The 8 spots assure you that the weigh is proportioned so that it always lands on the force number. The holes are this deep for the perfect stability, so that the weight of the die still seems normal. However, some croupiers do smuggle in some of these dice to help their friends. I think this is what this is. ?

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