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TYCOON Luxury Playing Cards

Produced in collaboration with Steve Cohen at the prestigious Waldorf Astoria Hotel.More Details

theory11 news for the month ofOctober, 2010



2010 October

Two Seconds of Cardistry

Posted by Jonathan Bayme on October 27th, 2010 in Cardistry

A lot can happen in two seconds. It’s a short amount of time. But it’s enough time for something amazing to happen.

We put that idea to the test with help from Marco Tempest and theory11′s own Andrei Jikh last night. THIS is the result.

The video was shot at close to 1,000 frames per second over a two second period of time. This process produced a video that – when slowed down to “normal” speed – shows every  nuance and detail of Andrei’s cardistry performance.

it now! Special thanks to Marco Tempest for his direction, vision, and expertise, and to Andrei Jikh for pushing cardistry to the limit to capture this demonstration.

Shot on location in New York City on October 25th, 2010.

TRANSIT by Calen Morelli

Posted by Jonathan Bayme on October 22nd, 2010 in New Releases

There is something to be said about simple, organic magic. Magic that happens with ordinary objects, shown fairly throughout a routine. Transit is THAT kind of effect.

You hold a rubberband – it is normal. Let the spectators examine it if they wish.

The rubberband is secured around your index finger by wrapping it around twice. As you shake your hand, the rubberband JUMPS from one finger to another – to another.

The routine ends with a shocking finale in which the rubberband appears on your OTHER hand – on your thumb. Let them examine the rubberband at the end.

is a breakthrough effect by Calen Morelli – now available on DVD and instant download.

Rising Card v2 – Released!

Posted by Jonathan Bayme on October 19th, 2010 in New Releases

Just a few moments ago, the all NEW Rising Card v2 was released on iTunes for the iPhone and iPod Touch. This new version of the original Rising Card app was developed from the ground up and redesigned to look AMAZING on the new Apple Retina screen.

It’s loaded with new features and graphics that will make sure you’re ready to amaze at any moment. We even remade the instructions from scratch!

Special thanks to Richard Zadorozny for countless sleepless nights in development of this new version, and of course to Chris Kenner, the creator of the app, for a brilliant idea that continues to be the best magic app in iTunes.

Check out the new version now by updating your existing Rising Card or purchasing the new version (if you don’t have it already). You can click THIS link to be taken directly to the iTunes App Store.

Sentinels Featured in Art Gallery

Posted by Jonathan Bayme on October 11th, 2010 in Articles, Playing Cards

This past week, our Sentinel Playing Cards were featured in the CVA Art Gallery in Minnesota. The exhibit showcased art from some of the country’s top designers as part of an exhibition entitled 2010 Leaders of Design. theory11 design partner HATCH, spearheaded by design phenom Joel Templin, was featured front and center.

We are honored that the Sentinels were chosen to be included in an exhibit of this sort, and moreso we are proud of the way they were presented: not just art on the wall, but also displayed on a table for attendees to touch.

Most recently, the Sentinels were referred to by Luxist as “the world’s finest deck of cards.” If you haven’t seen them yourself, now is a good time to check them out!

Steve Cohen – National Arts Club

Posted by Jonathan Bayme on October 6th, 2010 in Articles

Magic awards are a dime a dozen. Many of them are handed out by local magic clubs. Some of them are distributed by regional groups. And a select few are handed out by meaningful, multinational organizations. Whenever I hear of a magician getting an award, I ask myself what award it is and who is giving it. Sometimes, the award is meaningless – a kind gesture, but of little significance.

This is not one of those times. This one means something. This time, the award is prestigious; the organization well-respected; the recipient well warranted. This evening, I was pleased to join Steve Cohen as he accepted the Gold Medal from the National Arts Club. The society was founded in 1898 and is headquartered in an elegant mansion in New York City’s Gramercy Park. The society’s members include three former Presidents, foreign dignitaries (the late Princess Diana), Martin Scorcese, Uma Thurman, and Robert Redford.

The society has never before provided an artistic award to a magician. That changed tonight with an elegant, formal reception and dinner to present Steve Cohen with their annual award. I was honored to join Steve tonight as he received the award, and the entire event was an evening I will not soon forget. I was privileged to sit near Dick Cavett at the ceremony, which many of you may know as an entertainer, producer, and great friend to Johnny Carson, Slydini, Doug Henning, and Dai Vernon. The stories he told before dinner had me speechless, captivated.

Please join me in extending congratulations to Steve Cohen, a great friend of theory11 and someone I truly believe is doing something different; something unique; and most of all, something that is advancing the reputation of this artform we all love.

Roundtable with Daniel Garcia

Posted by Jonathan Bayme on October 3rd, 2010 in Podcasts

Tonight we hosted our 36th roundtable discussion podcast. Each time we do this, we invite members around the world to ask questions and gain advice from some of the top names in the magic community. Our guest this evening was the incomparable Daniel Garcia. A consultant to David Blaine, a creator with countless critically-acclaimed releases, and a high octane performer.

Within 3 short hours, we received over 150 questions from forum members. We had limited time with DG to record this session, so we tried to get to as many questions as possible within the time provided. If the podcast sounds a bit rapid and intense – it is!

The session is loaded with advice and inspiration. Listen to the podcast now in our roundtable discussion archive.

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