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theory11 news for the month ofNovember, 2010



2010 November

Holiday Contest – Coming Soon

Posted by Jonathan Bayme on November 26th, 2010 in Contests

Holiday Contest 2010 - Coming SoonOur team has been hard at work finishing FIVE new releases just in time for the holiday season. We’ve also prepared a MASSIVE holiday contest. Whatever you think it is – it’s better than that.

We’ve never done a holiday contest quite like this. It makes last year’s contest look tiny. Yes, it’s THAT good – and we’re super excited to unleash it.

So here’s the scoop: check theory11 this Wednesday, December 1st at 11:00pm EST. It all begins then. It all starts at the 11th hour.

Everything will be revealed – with FIVE new releases from five unique artists. Until Wednesday, we’ll let your mind wander and marinate in the mystery...

Black Friday at theory11

Posted by Zach Mueller on November 26th, 2010 in General

12 Hours Only. 25% Off.Happy Thanksgiving! For twelve hours only, starting now until 11:00pm EST tonight, we are offering an insane promotion. Act now to be a part of it.

shipped order over $25 will get an unobtainable Brown Wynn Deck.

EVERY shipped order over $50 will get one of the rarest decks ever produced – White Centurions – FREE.

And to top it all off, we’re giving you an extra 25% off of your ENTIRE order. Consider it a little gift from us to you.

This offer is valid TODAY only – for the next 12 hours. Tonight at 11:00pm EST, this deal will expire! Be a part of it and act now. To get your 25% off, use the special coupon code BLACKFRIDAY when you check out at theory11.

New Additions to theory11 crew

Posted by Jonathan Bayme on November 22nd, 2010 in General

theory11 logoEarlier this month, theory11 welcomed two new members to our team. As our production pipeline has expanded, we needed the talent of these two individuals to support our growing community and operations. Those two individuals are Zach Mueller and Casey Rudd. Many of you know them already as two outstanding members of our community.

Zach Mueller is one of the youngest performers ever at the Magic Castle in Hollywood. In record time, Zach has performed on two nationally televised episodes of Masters of Illusion, and regularly performs at the Magic Castle in the Close-Up Gallery and Future Stars events. Having lived in London, Chicago, Florida, and Los Angeles, Zach brings enormous passion, expertise, and crazy awesome rap lip-sync performances to the theory11 office.

Casey Rudd
is based in theory11’s original home base – Charleston, SC. Casey’s knowledge, expertise, and willingness to help others has already been a critical asset to our forum community over the past year. His passion for magic, combined with his chops in cardistry, will continue to propel and inspire others within our community.

Please join me in welcoming Zach and Casey to the theory11 family! Their work will assist our existing team, moderators, and members in advancing this artform we all love. Discuss this theory11 bulletin in the forums.

theory11 mailbox – JJ Abrams

Posted by Jonathan Bayme on November 18th, 2010 in General

JJ Abrams - Sentinel Playing CardsI hate getting mail. Unless it’s my birthday, or some other holiday where good stuff gets delivered daily. Other than that, all I usually get is junk. theory11 is an internet based machine, and almost all of our correspondence is digital.

Today was different. Today, I got the mail and as I glanced at the contents of our mailbox, I skimmed the sender’s names: Sports Illustrated (junk… it wasn’t the swimsuit issue), random, random, JJ Abrams, random. Wait… what?! I did a double take. I slowly, methodically opened the envelope delicately as to not damage its contents.

What was inside? Check out the image (in reference to our Sentinel Playing Cards). This just made my year.

The Daniel Garcia Projects

Posted by Zach Mueller on November 16th, 2010 in New Releases

The highly anticipated NEW volumes of the original trilogy are here. Finally available after nearly a year of production on the part of Daniel Garcia and Dan and Dave.

All SIX volumes are available for the very first time to download. This means your can start watching the videos RIGHT NOW. No waiting. No shipping!

If you want the classics, download Volumes 1-3. If you’re already familiar with DG’s original set, you can download Volumes 4-6. This is high-octane, new magic.

Want a taste of the Garcia style? Check out Symphony – a collection of FIVE effects hand picked from the DGP 4-6 released by theory11 earlier this year.

For full details, check out the product details page.

Video: Jacks & Jokers Apparel

Posted by Zach Mueller on November 8th, 2010 in General

Over the past week, we collaborated with the team from Jacks & Jokers in production of a slick promo video shot on location in NYC.

The video features cardistry and the hands of theory11 artist Andrei Jikh. The preview video was was posted this past Monday – check it out now by clicking HERE.

Many of the shirts featured in the video are available here at theory11, and some of the new items within the video will be released soon. Stay tuned!

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