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theory11 news for the month ofSeptember, 2011



2011 September

The Insider – King’s Crown Stolen!

Posted by Michael James on September 30th, 2011 in General

On the 30th of September, at 11:00pm EST, Zach Mueller birthed a spectacle of epic proportions. Granted, he’s birthed 37 epic spectacles every week since January…but it’s still worth noting!

In tonight’s episode of The Insider, we discuss David Copperfield’s prestigious King of Magic award being stolen, a Massachusetts School Board chairman stealing a woman’s bra using magical powers, the release of the Bicycle King Hat, and much more! To check out tonight’s spectacle, click on the dimples to your right.

For all past episodes, be sure to check out our Insider Vault!

Now Available: Bicycle King Hat

Posted by Michael James on September 30th, 2011 in General, New Releases

Bicycle King Hat is now available on theory11. With patented stretchable polyester mesh spandex on the sides and the back, the 6-panel on-field style baseball cap offers the trucker style look with a uniquely form-fitting design.

Bicycle King Hat offers a casual, versatile, and original style for the modern conjurer. Manufactured in the USA with designer materials in limited quantities. Learn more


Now Available – Aristocrat Playing Cards

Posted by Michael James on September 23rd, 2011 in New Releases, Playing Cards

Aristocrat playing cards are now available! A reinvention of a classic, timeless design. The Aristocrats will not be a collector’s item – they already ARE a collector’s item.

The design and handling screams elegance and class. With rich reds and stark navy blue, the backs show a hint of richness, intricacy, and universal appeal.

A premium, refined collector’s item, and an incredible deck that has been the choice of more professionals than any other.

The Aristocrats have fought and earned their place in the hands of the industry’s finest creators over the past century.

The Aristocrat Bank Notes are back, and they’re back in style.

The Insider – Babies in Cabo

Posted by Michael James on September 23rd, 2011 in General, Podcasts

TONIGHT we are extremely excited to release an exciting new episode of The Insider – but of course we do this every week!

In this 37th episode, we discuss Criss Angel’s proposal in Cabo, our latest playing card release of The Aristocrats, the latest and greatest new releases on The Wire, and of course your lovely, yet slightly-going-down-hill comments!

To watch tonight’s episode, click on that pretty little face to your left. For all past and previous episodes, check out The Insider Vault.

The Insider – The King of Magic

Posted by Jonathan Bayme on September 16th, 2011 in Articles, Podcasts

Tonight we post another episode of the greatest magic news show in the entire world. Some of you might be thinking “isn’t it the ONLY magic news show in the world?” And the answer would be yes, yes it is. But it’s also the best.

In this 36th installment we discuss David Copperfield’s interview with Stephen Colbert and prestigious SAM award, Play Dead returning for a limited run, Make Believe on DVD, and Marge Simpson doing magic!

To watch tonight’s episode, click on the sexy photo to your right. For all past episodes, check out The Insider Vault - where you can watch all previous episodes and download them to your computer, iPhone, or typewriter.

David Copperfield: King of Magic

Posted by Michael James on September 14th, 2011 in General

Today, The Society of American Magicians (aka SAM) has awarded David Copperfield with their highest honor “Magician of the Century” for his efforts in improving and advancing the art of magic. They have also named Copperfield the ‘King of Magic‘, which has never been done in the history of the 100 year old society.

There is perhaps no one who is more of an authority on magic than David Copperfield. Performing for over 30 years, Copperfield has won 21 Emmys, set 11 Guinness World Records, and has sold over 3 Billion dollars in ticket sales. This makes him not only the most successful magician – but the most successful performer of any kind in history. Read the full article on Copperfield and the Society of American Magicians here.

The Insider – Lip Dub!

Posted by Michael James on September 9th, 2011 in General

Tonight we celebrate our 35th episode of The Insider – supplying you with nonsensical magic gossip one episode at a time!

In tonight’s episode, we discuss the opening of submissions to The Wire, an awesome Lip Dub from Sorcerer’s Safari, an Oscar-nominated short film about magic, and last week’s question of the day.

To check out tonight’s episode and all other episodes ever made, ever, check out our Insider Vault by clicking on the sexy face to the left of this text!

THE WIRE: A Revolutionary Marketplace

Posted by Jonathan Bayme on September 2nd, 2011 in New Releases

It started out as a simple idea. Over the past four years, theory11 quickly became the most dynamic and trusted epicenter for magic and cardistry. Since our inception, we’ve kept our most groundbreaking idea a closely guarded secret. Until tonight. Until this moment.

After four years, we are proud to finally unveil and formally introduce: The Wire.

What is The Wire? The Wire is a revolutionary platform for performers and creators of all ages – from beginner to expert. The Wire is YOU.

The Wire gives YOU the power to publish and sell your own magic effects and cardistry moves. All you need is an idea. Your effect. Your creation.

The Wire is the official theory11 magic marketplace, a global collective of artists united to advance the art form. Your creations will be seen by hundreds of thousands of magic and cardistry enthusiasts from around the world.

Over 3 years in the making, The Wire revolutionizes the publication of magic and cardistry. Why did it take so long? We didn’t want to just do it – we wanted to do it right. Tonight, The Wire is online. Experience it now.

Released: MiRAGE by Alex Geiser

Posted by Michael James on September 2nd, 2011 in New Releases

Now Available: MiRAGE by Alex Geiser. With a slow wave of the hand, one coin visually vanishes from your fingertips. Your hands never touch. No gimmicks, magnets, or wires are used. MiRAGE is a completely impromptu coin vanish that happens instantly and visually.

In 60 minutes of detailed instruction, Alex Geiser explains the mechanics of his signature move. Also included is the Lynel Vanish – a coin vanish from the tip of your finger. MiRAGE, one of the most visually stunning coin vanishes, will captivate your audience and make a lasting impression.

Now Available on DVD and/or Instant Download. Learn now!

Released: Balean Twist by Bizau Cristian

Posted by Michael James on September 2nd, 2011 in New Releases

Now available: The Balean Twist by Bizau Cristian.

A spectator freely selects a card and returns it into the center of the deck. There’s no force. I promise. With a spring of the cards, their selection magically turns FACE UP, reversed in the deck. Perform it anytime, with any deck, anywhere.  A modern sleight; a mechanical miracle.

This versatile move can be presented in a variety of ways and has endless applications. Created by Bizau Cristian and presented by Andrei Jikh. 20 minutes of expert instruction.

Watch the preview, read full details, and starting learn now!

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