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TYCOON Luxury Playing Cards

Produced in collaboration with Steve Cohen at the prestigious Waldorf Astoria Hotel.More Details

theory11 news for the month ofNovember, 2011



2011 November

Exposé – Inflict by Patrick Kun

Posted by Michael James on November 30th, 2011 in General

In this week’s episode of Exposé, Christen Gerhart and Zach Mueller review Inflict by Patrick Kun.

Inflict is a card routine where the magician takes a face up card and places it between two face down cards. With a slight twitch of the hands, the card visually changes before the spectators eyes. Inflict is as natural as it gets. No funny movements. Everything happens out in the open.

In this episode Zach and Christen show exclusive footage of the first public performance of Inflict at Magic-Con with a cameo of Dan White.

Be sure to catch Exposé every Monday at 11:00am EST for trick reviews from The Wire!

Check out this week’s episode HERE.

Roundtable Discussion – Steve Cohen

Posted by Michael James on November 29th, 2011 in General, Podcasts

On Monday November 28th, we had the unique opportunity to interview Millionaire’s Magician: Steve Cohen.

Steve Cohen has been performing at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City for the last decade. His Chamber Magic act has attracted A list audiences from Warren Buffet to the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia.

Last Saturday we gave YOU the opportunity to ask him anything and everything! Jonathan Bayme and Steve Cohen sit down and dive into your questions in this 40 minute Q&A. Cohen discusses his journey to success as a magician, his ability to maintain passion for the art, and advice for anyone seeking to start a career in magic.

You can listen to the Roundtable Discussion HERE

Black Friday: 25% Off – 12 Hours Only

Posted by Michael James on November 25th, 2011 in General

For the next 12 hours only, all products at theory11 are 25% off. EVERYTHING.

We want to celebrate Black Friday in a very special way. We’re giving you the unique opportunity to treat yourself to products like Monarch Playing Cards or Rick Lax’s HighRise with the discount of the year! This offer is valid for TODAY only – be a part of it and act now!

Free decks with your order!

Along with the discount, we’re also handing out some of the most coveted playing cards: JAQK Cellars and Brown Wynn’s. Here’s how it works:

With each shipped order over $50, get a deck of brown Wynn’s FREE.
With each shipped order over $100, get a deck of JAQK Cellars FREE.

The decks will automagically be added to your shopping cart before you checkout. If they aren’t visible in your shopping cart, then it means they’re all gone! To get your 25% off, use the special coupon code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout.

Find all the details HERE.

The Insider – Black Friday

Posted by Michael James on November 25th, 2011 in General

This week is the 46th episode of The Insider!

Zach wants to stress that he was a bit pale on last week’s episode – not because of any camera issues – but because he was mentally preparing himself for the release of Breaking Dawn: Part 1 (which he thoroughly enjoyed)

In this week’s episode, Zach talks about the Black Friday Extravaganza. Today is your LAST chance to pick up a deck of white Centurions. For 12 hours only today, everything is 25% off. EVERYTHING.

Zach also divulges what REALLY happened to the run of gold Monarchs, shows us an extended tease of his theory11 artist spoof, and discusses the possibility that there might not be any Magic-Con footage at all!

To watch this week’s episode, click on Zach to the left. Also make sure to catch Exposé this Monday at 11am EST where Zach and Christen review an effect from The Wire.

Exposé – Touch

Posted by Michael James on November 21st, 2011 in Articles, General

In this week’s episode of Exposé, Christen Gerhart and Zach Mueller review Touch by Hanson Chien.

Touch is an amazing effect where an ordinary rubber band jumps from your hand to the spectator’s hand. Though it sounds simple, this trick is actually extremely visual and receives great reactions from the audience.

In today’s episode you’ll see Zach performing Touch to a shoe, Christen impersonating South Park, and both of them getting crazy on the playground!

Be sure to catch Exposé every Monday at 11:00am EST for trick reviews from The Wire!

Check out this week’s episode HERE.

The Insider – So Many Questions

Posted by Michael James on November 18th, 2011 in General

In this episode of the Insider, we discuss Dan White on TMZ, Calen Morelli letting down the magic world by not filming an artist diary, and how Larry Fong (300/Watchmen) entertained production crews during the filming of Super 8.

Zach shows us a brief tease of what apparently seems to be a magic spoof featuring Blake, Patrick, and himself – which will be released this weekend. Also included in this week’s episode is a special cameo by Shim Rim!

Make sure to stay tuned for the newest episode of Exposé this Monday hosted by Zach and Christen. If you missed last week’s episode, you can watch it HERE.

To watch the Insider episode, click Shim Rim’s face to the left of this text. To watch all other episodes, check out the Insider Vault HERE.

Exposé – SpideyMan

Posted by Michael James on November 16th, 2011 in General

This week marks our one month anniversary of Exposé by Christen Gerhart and Zach Mueller!

Although it might seem impressive, we’ve only produced four episodes thus far. A landmark nevertheless!

In this episode Christen and Appleton NASDAQ review Celebrity Match by Spidey.

Celebrity Match is an incredible effect where the performer predicts a spectator’s mental selection from a pool of celebrity names.

Based off the video performance and the tutorial, Celebrity Match is reviewed and rated for its reactions, method, usability, and Bedro’s ability to pick a suitable super hero name.

Make sure to catch Exposé every Monday to find out which effects from The Wire are EPIC and which ones are not-so-epic. Check out the episode HERE.

Holiday Contest Extravaganza

Posted by Michael James on November 11th, 2011 in Contests, General

Our annual holiday contest is finally here! We’re extremely excited for this year’s prizes and we’re sure you will be too!

What are the prizes?

Our prizes this year are INSANE. We have FIVE prize packages— and something for people of all interests to win. From HD video cameras for The Wire to a trip to Las Vegas—the stakes are high, and the prizes are unparalleled!

How does it work?

Very simple! With each item you purchase on theory11, you earn one point per item. After completing your purchase, you divvy up those points towards your choice of five prizes. Each point is one chance to win.

Where do I go from here?

Every product you purchase on theory11 until January 1st gives you ONE point. After you complete your purchase, you can redeem those points for one chance at winning any of our five insane prizes. Check out all the details and enter for FREE right now (instantly) on our Holiday Contest page!

Three Incredible Products

Posted by Michael James on November 11th, 2011 in New Releases

On 11/11/11 we want to give you the very best. This morning we are very excited for the release of three incredible products.

Monarch High Quality Playing Cards

Two weeks ago we pre-released 111 Monarch decks to the public in exchange for a promise of secrecy.

Monarch Playing Cards express elegance, clarity, and pride. After nearly a year of planning, we’d like to invite you to experience a new standard in playing card production.

The 111 were gone within a blink on an eye and today we’re ready to show you why.

Imported Italian paper, gold tone foil, and Q1 stock are just a few of the qualities that make this deck phenomenal.  Explore the Monarchs HERE.

Highrise by Rick Lax

There are many ways to secretly bring a card to the top of a deck. You can perform a double lift, a pass, a steal.

Or you can do something completely different.

From the creator of Vertigo, comes an underground sleight that will take your magic to new heights. It’s been tested and tried, and now it’s ready for publication.

There are no gimmicks, doubles, or switches involved. The movements are clean and natural – the way a sleight should be!

Check out HighRise by Rick Lax HERE.

Hofzinser Handcrafted Card Gaffs

Great ideas are never forgotten, out-dated, or pushed aside.

Today we celebrate Johann Hofzinser with the release of the classic gaff Hofzinser cards. Hofzinser Cards are subtle, visual, and simply put: brilliant. Hofzinser cards can powerfully convince the spectator that the card of interest is merely a random card.

Our version of the historic gaff is handcrafted in Canada and reflects superior quality and durability. Each set is packaged in an envelope made of imported French Speckletone paper and finished with a wax seal. See full details here HERE.

Exposé – Gettin’ the Ladies

Posted by Michael James on November 9th, 2011 in General

Today on Exposé, we review FATE by Geraint Clarke.

Fate is a modern mentalism effect where the performer can predict song sequences from a borrowed iPhone. Zach and Christen hit the streets to perform this effect and believe it or not, Zach gets the ladies!

Based off the street performances and the tutorial itself, FATE is reviewed and rated for its reactions, method, and usability.

Make sure to catch Exposé every Monday to find out which effects from The Wire are EPIC and which ones are not-so-epic. Check out the episode HERE.

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