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theory11 news for the month ofMarch, 2012



2012 March

Exposé – Cin City

Posted by Michael James on March 31st, 2012 in General

Kenner, Seals, and Hugreeds!

This week we have an episode pack jammed with a bunch of great updates! Zach and Christen give us the latest from the Wire, Rob shares an exclusive interview with Chris Kenner, and Jonathan Bayme gives us the latest and greatest from the Bicycle Factory.

Make sure to check back next week with more Q&A with Kenner and an exclusive look at the newest deck coming to theory11. Trust me, it’ll be extra epic-sauce.

Watch this week’s episode here.

Exposé – Linking Hula Hoops

Posted by Michael James on March 23rd, 2012 in General

A brand new episode of Exposé has been posted in the media section!

This week Zach and Christen bring you the latest in magic news and products. Sentinel uncut sheets and Monarch Bottles are now available, so make sure to check them out in the Gear section.

Also this week, we have an exclusive interview Patrick Kun, magic consultant to David Copperfield and creator of Inflict. Andrei Jikh brings you the latest in behind the scenes and much more.

To watch the latest episode, click here.

Sentinels Are Back!

Posted by Michael James on March 20th, 2012 in General, New Releases

Sentinel Playing Cards are back!

The sexy, the original. Sentinels are back in stock! It’s been a while and we’ve been getting countless inquires about a possible reprint. We made it happen!

They’re back with the same design and color that we all know and love, with an improved 909 Premium Finish! Metallic. Embossed. Q1 Quality. They’re the best of the best.

Make sure to check out the brand new photography and pick up a deck (or two or three or twelve!) See Details.

Four New theory11 Artists!

Posted by Michael James on March 9th, 2012 in General

We’re proud and excited to announce FOUR new theory11 artists! Some are familiar faces to theory11 and some have their debut projects in the works as we speak:

Rick Lax arrived on the scene with Vertigo, and he hasn’t looked back since. With HighRise and Detach, he’s proved to be a creative mind of the highest caliber.

Dimitri Arleri – let us introduce someone who needs no introduction. Dimitri took the cardistry scene by storm with his flourish video Opera. We’ll be showcasing his revolutionary style later this year in his debut cardistry DVD.

Spencer Clark recently entered the limelight with his breakthrough cardistry performance video Odd Man Out. Spencer has a fresh, new style and out of the box thinking that you’ll get to see in his premiere project this year!

Ekaterina – a flourisher from Russia, Ekaterina released her first DVD PURE late this past year. Her repertoire includes everything from cuts and fans to table work. She’s a refreshing (beautiful!) face in the industry and we can’t wait to continue our work with her. Please join us in welcoming all four artists onboard!

Exposé New Episode – March Madness

Posted by Michael James on March 9th, 2012 in General

Check out the latest episode of Exposé just posted! Each week, we bring the latest news and bring you a backstage pass to the magic industry.

This week, we interview the remarkably creative Blake Vogt, the mind behind REF4M. Blake makes a brief cameo in the new State Farm commercial with David Copperfield! Watch it in our media section.

theory11 director of production Andrei Jikh announces two new cardistry stars coming to theory11 this year along with a sneak peek of the NEW Monarch trailer. It’s all in this week’s episode here!

Justin Willman Performing on Ellen!

Posted by Michael James on March 6th, 2012 in General

Justin Willman performing magic on Ellen!

We just received news from theory11 artist & Cupcake Wars host Justin Willman (aka Justin Kredible) that he will be performing live magic on The Ellen Degeneres Show this Thursday, March 8th! To make things even more magical, actress and supermodel Megan Fox will also join Justin on the show!

Ellen has a much professed love for magic, and over the past several months has featured many magicians on the show. None of those magicians, however, have had the privilege and pleasure of appearing on stage with Megan Fox. We are supremely jealous!

Update! Watch the video clip right now in our media section here! Justin received a standing ovation! Amazing!

Exposé v2 Debut + Rob Anderson!

Posted by Michael James on March 2nd, 2012 in New Releases

Exposé: A New Episode One!

Today we’re excited to debut the new and improved Exposé web series! What started as TWO experimental webshows with Christen Gerhart and Zach Mueller is now ONE great show. Today, it begins, with all new segments, interviews, and more! Watch it now!

Newest Addition: Rob Anderson

We’d also like to announce the newest addition to the theory11 team: Rob Anderson! Rob will play a key role in Exposé, bringing you interviews, news, and parodies. He’s an all around amazing guy and first-class magician.

See Rob in action as he interviews Dan White.

So who is this Rob Anderson, you ask?

When Rob was 5 years old, he saw a magician on TV. It was at that moment he decided to spend his life performing the world’s greatest illusions. When he found out that David Copperfield had already performed all the world’s greatest illusions, he decided to become the world’s worst illusionist instead. Just kidding.

Rob developed a hilarious one-man comedy magic show, including an award-winning parody of Criss Angel. His show has taken him around the country where he’s met some of the brightest minds in magic. Rob comes to theory11 with a strong entertainment background, and we’re happy to welcome him to the team!

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