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TYCOON Luxury Playing Cards

Produced in collaboration with Steve Cohen at the prestigious Waldorf Astoria Hotel.More Details

theory11 news for the month ofMay, 2012



2012 May

White Monarchs – Limited Edition

Posted by Jonathan Bayme on May 25th, 2012 in Playing Cards

“The world’s finest” playing cards just got a little bit finer! Tonight at 11:00pm EST, we unveil a limited edition of Monarch Playing Cards. Since release, Monarchs have been critically acclaimed as among the world’s finest: the most premium playing cards.

The Monarch White Edition is currently only available in limited release windows. This first release window tonight is limited to 250 decks. Summary: you’re going to have to act quickly! They will sell out in minutes. Elegant, simple, and breathtaking. To see details and be a part of the event, check ‘em out now!

Now Available: Transcode by Mathieu Bich

Posted by Michael James on May 18th, 2012 in New Releases

Transcode by Mathieu Bich is now available!

Imagine you take a card from the deck and show the front and the back. You slowly place it in the center of the deck and begin to push it through.

As the card penetrates the other end, it changes into another back design. The card can clearly be seen sticking out BOTH sides of the deck with a different back design on each end.

But that’s not the ending! It’s only the beginning. Check out the trailer to find out the rest.

Now available for immediate download.

Exposé – Transcoded

Posted by Michael James on May 18th, 2012 in General

Watch the newest episode of Exposé!

This week, Christen’s a bit under the weather but brings us the news better than ever! Zach discusses the latest videos in our media section, specifically a cool dice video with Rick Lax, creator of Vertigo.

Andrei Jikh talks behind the scenes, mentioning our newest deck of playing cards, which will be released in VERY limited quantities.

Check out the episode here.

Tannen’s Magic Camp Giveaway Podcast

Posted by Michael James on May 14th, 2012 in Podcasts

Win a free pass to Tannen’s Magic Camp!

This week, theory11 is giving you the chance to win a FREE pass to Tannen’s Magic Camp, July 7th through the 14th. Want to win? Listen to this exclusive podcast, as we’re joined by Jared and Adam, who run Tannen’s Magic Camp. In the podcast, we talk about what the camp is all about, who’s involved, and why it’s the best fully immersive training seminar for young magicians.

Want to win a free pass worth over $1,200? Email your name to and one lucky person will be announced the winner this Friday at 12PM EST. If you would like to register for Tannen’s Magic Camp or see more details, visit their website.

Exposé – Stickers on Stickers

Posted by Michael James on May 14th, 2012 in Articles

Watch the newest episode of Exposé!

This week, Zach and Christen showcase new theory11 stickers included in every shipped order from our store. Christen fills us in on the latest and greatest in magic news including a new Blink 182 Promo featuring Calen Morelli, creator of Dresscode.

Zach discusses the newest effects from The Wire and Michael fills us in with a sneak peek of the new Rebel’s Ace of Spades.

Check out the episode here.

Now Available: The Force by Mathieu Bich

Posted by Michael James on May 4th, 2012 in General, New Releases

Now Available: The Force

A powerful, angle proof force created by Mathieu Bich. You hand the spectator a card, riffle the deck, and ask them to tell you when to stop. They proceed to insert the card into the deck – wherever they’d like.

The spectator’s choice of where to put the card is completely their own. You cut to the precise location of their choice, and it’s done. It’s an incredibly deceptive move that requires almost no effort. Now Available.

Also check out the latest episode of Exposé! In this episode, Christen gives you an update on the latest in the magic world, Zach brings you the greatest from The Wire, and Rob continues his interview with Marco Tempest. Watch it here! ALSO don’t forget to fill out an application here and send it to for your chance to win a free pass to Tannen’s Magic Camp!

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