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theory11 news for the month ofJune, 2013



2013 June

After Your Great Idea

Posted by Rick Lax on June 10th, 2013 in General

Every month I get dozens of messages from young magicians across the globe. Often, the letters go like this: “Hey Rick. I’ve got a great idea for a magic trick. Can I tell you about it so you can make me a theory11 artist?” If you’ve written me a letter like that, or if you’re thinking about writing me one, let me give you a couple of tips. Let me tell you what I do after stumbling onto a good idea.

First Step: I make a video of the trick and put it on YouTube.

Often it’s hard to judge a trick’s merit from words alone, so I use my webcam or cellphone camera to shoot a video of the trick, and then I upload it to YouTube, publicly or privately.

If I’m worried about other magicians stealing my idea, or if it’s just not yet ready for the world to see, I go to YouTube Settings and make my video “Unlisted.” That way, only people with the secret link can see your video. That way, you can share it only with specific people you know and trust.

Making Magic Meaningful

Posted by Rick Lax on June 3rd, 2013 in Articles


What’s the difference between “doing some tricks” and giving a powerful performance? Meaning. A purpose. A message.

Penn & Teller perform magic to promote Libertarianism and Rationalism. Ricky Jay and Steve Cohen perform magic to retell our art form’s amazing history. And David Copperfield performs to inspire people to follow their hopes and dreams.

What about you? Why do you perform magic? (more…)

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