David Copperfield: King of Magic

Posted by Jonathan Bayme on 14 September 2011

Today, The Society of American Magicians (aka SAM) has awarded David Copperfield with their highest honor "Magician of the Century" for his efforts in improving and advancing the art of magic. They have also named Copperfield the 'King of Magic', which has never been done in the history of the 100 year old society.

There is perhaps no one who is more of an authority on magic than David Copperfield. Performing for over 30 years, Copperfield has won 21 Emmys, set 11 Guinness World Records, and has sold over 3 Billion dollars in ticket sales. This makes him not only the most successful magician - but the most successful performer of any kind in history. Read the full article on Copperfield and the Society of American Magicians here.