Five New Releases - Unveiled!

Posted by Jonathan Bayme on 01 December 2010

As promised, tonight theory11 came out swinging. Our team has been silent these past few weeks, pushing the limits to bring you FIVE massive releases just in time for the holiday season.

DeckONE by Homer Liwag. Industrial Edition playing cards with a hardened, uniquely metallic finish. The box looks like industrial steel, with a level of embossing never before attempted in playing card design.

DRESSCODE is the first signature DVD from the mind of Calen Morelli. A creative prodigy that has received well deserved praise for his 365 Days of Magic Challenge. You show your shirt front and back, and in an instant, it CHANGES. The shirt can be shown before and after the change, and the shirt you end in is completely normal.

FOUNDATIONS v2 - the second DVD in the Foundations series by Jason England. Jason is widely regarded as the world's foremost expert on Erdnase, and one of the best card technicians alive today. His knowledge of the history behind each move is just as captivating as his instruction. Seven moves jam packed into ONE DVD.

THE HOLE THING - an instant download from the mind of Chris Mayhew. Normal cards are freely shown to have a circular hole cut in the center of them, yet Mayhew produces a miracle. Includes his original sandwich routine and a bonus effect that comes along for the ride.

2010 Holiday Contest - the largest and most insane holiday contest theory11 has ever hosted. Receive one scratch card with every shipped item you purchase from theory11 from now until December 31st, 2010 at midnight. See details and prizes here!