New Release: Sentinel Playing Cards

Posted by Jonathan Bayme on 11 September 2010

They told us it couldn't be done. SENTINELS challenge everything you know about high-end playing cards. You have never seen a deck like this before. Referred to by many as "the world's finest deck of cards" - we have raised the bar higher than ever before.

The box is printed on imported paper 40% thicker than normal tuck cases - and has metallic accents on SIX sides. The art is embossed in 20 locations and coated with a matte varnish to enhance durability.

The first mainstream deck in magic that is composed 100% of original art - the faces, the backs, the box. And yes - even the court cards. Every single design element has a meaning behind it. The deck represents magic, the industry of deception, and the allied arts.

Printed exclusively in Q1 quality on the casino web press at the United States Playing Card Company, under strict supervision from senior press technicians. theory11 is the ONLY company in magic that prints exclusively and only on the web press - it makes all the difference in the world.

See details, images, and the full length preview video here.