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Rarebit Copper Edition - Now Available

Featuring copper metallic ink and a breathtaking, copper foil tuck case.More Details



Now Available: Transcode by Mathieu Bich

Now Available: Transcode by Mathieu Bich

Posted on May 18th, 2012 by Michael James in New Releases

Transcode by Mathieu Bich is now available!

Imagine you take a card from the deck and show the front and the back. You slowly place it in the center of the deck and begin to push it through.

As the card penetrates the other end, it changes into another back design. The card can clearly be seen sticking out BOTH sides of the deck with a different back design on each end.

But that’s not the ending! It’s only the beginning. Check out the trailer to find out the rest.

Now available for immediate download.

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