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Our HOLIDAY Contest 2012

Our HOLIDAY Contest 2012

Posted on November 23rd, 2012 by Michael James in General

Every year, we do some sort of crazy holiday contest to celebrate the end of one year. This year, we raise the stakes with FIVE prizes better than ever.

Here’s how it works. Just like last year, you will receive one token for every product you purchase. If you purchase 2 Decks, you’ll receive two tokens. If you purchase 6 decks and two downloads, you’ll get 8 tokens. And so on.

After you check out, you’ll see a special link to apply those tokens towards five prizes. Each token is one chance to win. You can put all of your tokens towards one prize, or divide them evenly towards all five.

What’s up for grabs? 100,000 Elite Member Points (10 winners each receiving 10,000 points), a year’s supply of Artisans, the ultimate card collection (containing every deck we have in stock), a video production kit, and a special code that will unlock an instant $500 gift certificate.

See the official page for more details!

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