Mystery Box Black Edition

Posted by Jonathan Bayme on 22 December 2014

An all-new edition of The Mystery Box, produced by theory11 in collaboration with JJ Abrams, Bad Robot, and 826 National. Featuring black on black foil design, individually hand-wrapped and sealed for you alone to discover. Many secrets reside within.

The choice to open the box, or not, is yours. With inspiration from JJ’s original Mystery Box - received as a gift from his grandfather - this new Mystery Box contains 12 premium, designer playing cards with art direction by JJ Abrams and Jonathan Bayme. See Details.

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Holiday Contest 2014

Posted by Jonathan Bayme on 05 December 2014


Spin to Win. Our holiday contest is back and better than ever. This year, we raise the stakes with the biggest and best prizes EVER - but in order to win it, you have to spin it.

Here's how it works: get one spin with EVERY item you purchase - and one free spin right now. Our prizes this year range from exclusive rare decks to THREE grand prize packages.

Our largest prizes this year are not things - they're experiences. Get VIP tickets to Steve Cohen's Chamber Magic at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City: sold-out for 15 years

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Holiday Gift Guide 2014

Posted by Jonathan Bayme on 03 December 2014

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone special - or just want to check out our latest and greatest releases - the theory11 Holiday Gift Guide 2014 has officially been posted!

From tricks to playing cards, there's something for everyone this holiday season - including our latest playing cards (Rarebit) just released this week.

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Rarebit Copper Playing Cards

Posted by Jonathan Bayme on 28 November 2014

Happy Black Friday! We have six new releases planned for the holiday season, and the first release is available today - Rarebit Copper Edition playing cards. The first edition sold out in 16 hours, and has sold on eBay for up to $225 PER DECK. Like the first edition, these are limited edition, so don’t wait - these will sell out quickly.

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French Kiss by Wayne Houchin

Posted by Jonathan Bayme on 31 August 2014

French Kiss by Wayne Houchin has been called the most intimate effect in magic. It's powerful, simple, and remarkably deceptive.

The spectator's SIGNED, selected card changes places with another - all while securely held in the spectator's mouth. Watch the trailer and learn more!

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