Dan White on The Tonight Show

Posted by Jonathan Bayme on 21 August 2015

TONIGHT on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Dan White returned for his second appearance this year.

Dan performed to promote The Magician at The NoMad, a live show experience produced by theory11 at The NoMad Hotel in New York.

Special thanks to Blake Vogt, John Stessel, Alex Harris, Robert Smith, Justin Gentry, Ari Bayme, and Susie Bray for helping to make this happen.

Watch an AMAZING clip of Dan performing BACKSTAGE for The Roots in the media section now! The reactions (and the magic) are mind-blowing.

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Penn & Teller - TimesTalk

Posted by Jon Raiker on 26 June 2015

Penn and Teller - TimesTalk

Thirty years after their initial New York premiere, Penn and Teller will appear on Broadway in a new show beginning July 7th. The show will feature elements of their Las Vegas act and classics from their original repertoire.

In celebration of the Broadway show, The New York Times will be hosting a live TimesTalk event with Penn and Teller on Thursday, July 2nd from 6:30pm - 8:00pm EST at The Times Center in New York City.

This is a rare opportunity to get a glimpse into the the genius and madness behind their act. The exclusive event will

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SubRosa + BREAK - Now Available

Posted by Jon Raiker on 02 June 2015


This past week, we announced two HUGE releases from the most innovative minds in magic.

SubRosa is an underground technique, closely guarded for over a century. Flawlessly control a single card, or a group of cards, in a shuffled deck. Complete with expert instruction by Jason England - the reviews speak for themselves:

"This melted my brain. SubRosa just changed the game." - Blake Vogt

BREAK is a powerful effect that took years to produce. Visually bend and break a signed coin in half - then let the spectator keep the pieces. Real metal. Real money. Truly bent and broken

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Exposé LIVE - May 2015

Posted by Jon Raiker on 23 May 2015


In case you missed it - the premiere episode of Exposé LIVE is now available to watch in our Media section.

Get the inside scoop on Sub Rosa, Break, and more in our very first Exposé livestream.

Special guests include Chris Kenner, Jason England, Andrei Jikh, R. Paul Wilson, Christen Gerhart, and Jonathan Bayme! Check it out.

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Roundtable Discussion - Jason England

Posted by Jonathan Bayme on 05 May 2015

This past weekend, we hosted a roundtable discussion podcast with Jason England. Members around the world submitted questions in the theory11 forums, and earlier today, Jason England sat down with theory11 founder Jonathan Bayme to answer.

You can listen to the podcast now in our roundtable discussion archive or in the embedded player below. Listen in for the inside scoop on Jason's upcoming project with theory11 - a secret closely guarded for over a century, finally unveiled - very soon.

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