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Rarebit Copper Edition - Now Available

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Sentinel Bottles by Jamie Grant

Sentinel Bottles by Jamie Grant

Posted on September 21st, 2010 by Jonathan Bayme in New Releases

You won’t believe your eyes. A normal, sealed deck of cards is somehow trapped in a glass bottle. There is no explanation. Each bottle is hand-made by Jamie Grant, and this special edition is available for the first time exclusively at theory11.

Other editions have sold for $150+. We’re offering these up today in collaboration with Jamie for $100. It’s a great deal, and a bargain for the amount of time, effort, and expertise Jamie exercises in manufacturing each one.

They’re a unique, persistent reminder that anything is possible, and a beautiful piece of art to place on your shelf.

Whenever someone sees it, the bottles will instantly generate a response: “how did you do that?” And that’s what magic is all about. See details and the preview video here.

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