Solo This Week: Recap

Posted by Jonathan Bayme on 24 January 2012

The Brief!

Time to put on your excited face! Solo's release is right around the corner and we've published some great content so far. We've had a great response and would like to recap on the details and videos incase you missed it.

The Scoop!

Solo is a collection of ten flourishes by Michael James. The project also includes bonus moves, exclusive jam videos, special features, and behind the scenes. The product will be 90 minutes long and available in DVD and digital download format. It's coming January 27th to a theater near you...not really.

The Videos!

Here are all the links in one place in case you missed any one of the many trailers or teases we put out:

Official TEASER Trailer  - a first glimpse of the project, shot in true anamorphic for a true movie-like experience.

Behind the scenes FEATURETTE - an inside look into the making of Solo

James+Jikh - an excerpt of one of the jam videos featured on Solo

Solo Outakes - an excerpt of the blooper reel featured on Solo