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The Insider – The Giant Panda

The Insider – The Giant Panda

Posted on February 4th, 2011 by Zach Mueller in General

Tonight marks the sixth episode of The Insider – now with a fresh show logo!

The 6th episode in our web series highlights some of our favorite media videos of the week (including an incredible performance/lecture by Marco Tempest in Davos).

We also turn the spotlight on the newest face of theory11, Blake Vogt, throws a few shout-outs to last weeks’ commenters, and announce the brand new Insider webpage.

Want to be on the next episode of The Insider? Be sure to leave a comment on this week’s video in response to our Question of the Day, or post a video in our media section.

Join us tomorrow night (Saturday) for an all new Saturday Night Contest, and stay tuned for an exciting week ahead!

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