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Thurston Award – Andy Nyman

Thurston Award – Andy Nyman

Posted on February 3rd, 2014 by Jonathan Bayme in Articles


Congrats to Andy Nyman, winner of The Thurston Award for THE CODE, presented by Jamie Grant and The Magic Cafe. The award highlights Andy’s continued contributions to the world of magic and mentalism – and his bestselling, latest release at theory11: The Code.

The Code is one simple secret that empowers you to seemingly read minds at a moment’s notice – identify the card (or cards) that someone is merely thinking of. Since release, The Code has received rave reviews from around the world, including Wayne Houchin and Max Maven. See details and learn it now.



9 months ago
I'll have to get on making another fake tutorial video for this! This weeks SNC perhaps?


9 months ago
what can i say... GREAT GUY GREAT DVD GREAT EFFECT !! what more can you ask for

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