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Magic Tricks

Dangerous by Daniel Madison

Mystique Video Motion Video

DANGEROUS is a comprehensive two disc training course representing the definitive work of underground magician and cardist Daniel Madison, both past and present. Mystique (Volume 1) is dedicated to his magic. Motion (Volume 2) contains his signature cardistry creations.

The magic is visual and direct. The instruction quality is beyond comparison.

Each item is taught in intricate detail complete with vocal instruction, on-screen text, multiple camera angles, and additional tips from Daniel on the psychology behind the magic, proper hand positioning, making the material yours, and much more. Full contents are below.

VOLUME 1: MYSTIQUE contains 11 practical and powerful magic tricks that you can perform in virtually any situation. Learn tricks like Bad Influence, Aces, Angle Zero, Catch, Color, Half Vanish, Heritage, Lapse, Focus, Role Play, and Breach complete with live performances shot on location in the United States, with additional footage filmed in the United Kingdom.

VOLUME 2: MOTION contains a total of 21 flashy cardistry moves that are guaranteed to draw attention in any crowd. Learn flourishes like 4sybil, Sleepless, Turnover, Downfall, Aries, Lethal, Lethal X, Guardian, Snap.d, Mayhem, Fly, Stone, Symphony, Cylinder, Bicycle, Diabolique, Twisted Rain, Twisted Rain 2, Sybil in the Rain, Drop Sybil, and Sybil Helix taught in Daniel's trademark style.

Order both volumes of DANGEROUS and receive $10 OFF the full set - exclusively at theory11.

Dangerous by Daniel Madison Visual magic and card flourishing straight from the underground.

A massive two volume DVD anthology of magic tricks, cardistry, and madness.

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28 Reviews

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  • 4.6246
from 586 ratings
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  • 5
Greg • United States • 08/12/13

This is a great two-part DVD set, get it now!

  • 5
Ben • Virginia • 07/31/13

This DVD is incredible. The tricks vary in difficulty, and some are well beyond my skill level. The setting and production make just watching the tricks worth the price. The instruction is detailed enough to get you confident that you know what to do and there's some really great card stuff here.

  • 5
Hans Christian • Denmark • 07/05/13

Both DVDs contain amazing moves that should be a part of every magicians repertoire.

The Mystique DVD is filled with great routines where you learn Daniel Madisons' best moves. There is everything from a sandwich effect to a detailed explanation on the Gamblers Cup. The moves are very visual and with a bit of patience, you´ll master them.

The Motion DVD contains 21 flashy card flourishes. Difficulty varies from small and easy flourishes like Aries to the more difficult and challenging ones like Mayhem. The flourishes all look awesome and they are easy to learn. There are NO verbal instructions but don´t let that scare you off. Every flourish is broken down from all angles with text telling you finger placement. Daniel Madison leaves a lot of opportunities for developing each move and making it your own.

These were the first magic/card manipulation DVDs I ever bought. They are perfect for both starters and experienced magicians.

I highly recommend purchasing these DVDs. Everything you learn will become a part of your repertoire, trust me!

  • 5
Gaven • Texas • 06/15/13

I purchased Mystique and let me tell you, it's one of the best products I've bought. The routines are great and I am very pleased with this product.

  • 4
Mike • USA • 03/09/13

I only purchased the MOTION DVD at this time. I plan on buying mystique but since I'm more into cardistry, I grabbed Motion.

It's a quality DVD with many fun moves that are both flashy and not too difficult to pick up. I agree with some of the other reviewers, this should be rated INTERMEDIATE; but it's nowhere near as challenging as some of the moves on Michael James' Solo.

As far as the teaching goes, there is no verbal instruction other than a few tips after each move. Although there is no verbal instruction, you do get to see multiple angles and it's in super slow-motion.

I recommend the Motion DVD absolutely. Even if your fairly new to cardistry this will give you a good challenge without completely discouraging you.

  • 4
Nick • Washington • 03/04/13

Mystique is an awesome product and worth the money. As always the production on any theory11 product is top of its class. The explanations were told so anyone who speaks decent English could understand, making it easy to learn. One thing that stood out is when it shows you how the trick is performed before he explains it. It shows (on most tricks) Daniel actually performing it for some spectators at a party which I really enjoyed. Many of the tricks were all based off of some of the same tricks, but it's all great stuff! 5/5 for this DVD.

The Motion DVD I was disappointed in. First of all, there were no verbal explanations, which really would have made it good and easier to learn. The camera angles are all good, yet the instructions weren't really there. I would have been more disappointed in this DVD if I didn't purchase both of them together. Motion: 3/5

Overall, it's worth the price to purchase both!

  • 5
Luke D-J • England • 01/28/13

WOW! Really cool effects that I use constantly! A must have for any magician! :)

  • 5
NX • Norway • 12/13/12

Daniel Madison is just LEGENDARY!

  • 4
Greg Holroyd • UK • 11/14/12

This is an amazing dvd set to dip your toes in with Madisons material. Saying that it doesnt even touch the surface of what this guy is capable of. Amazing DVD set but Motion could have been taught better.

  • 5
Alaa Jwiehan • Jordan • 09/24/12

I got Mystique last month. It's great, you should really get it! I will buy Motion next week.

  • 4
Saad Khan • Athens, GA • 09/21/12

I bought only the Mystique DVD, but overall it is a pretty good product. In my opinion, the value in the DVD comes mainly from the different sleights and techniques that Daniel teaches to accomplish each trick. Not that the tricks aren't great in their own right (Bad Influence, Heritage, and Breach are top-notch effects), but you can take the principles and moves that Daniel teaches and probably come up with tons of different effects. Overall it's pretty good, but fairly pricey in my opinion.

  • 1
Tim • London • 05/29/12

I saw the trailer for motion and was very excited. I bought the dvd and feel as if I was misled. I would not count a slowed down version of the flair with no vocal directions as good teaching. I might as well have watched the trailer in slow motion. Compared to genesis, this is pathetic and feels as if it has been rushed. Dangerous has good teaching, but Madison should be ashamed of motion. 1/5

  • 5
Brad • Tuscaloosa, AL • 04/09/12

This DVD set was amazing. After the first couple of minutes of watching both DVDs I was blown away at the quality. If your looking for a great Magic/Flourish DVD Set then this is it. Daniel Madison is second to none at what he does. I recommend this set HIGHLY! Outstanding!

  • 5
george gkionakis • greece • 12/23/11

I bought the Mystique DVD. It's one of the best DVDs I have ever bought and I definitely recommend it. This is a true gem in magic, and you will learn versatile moves which you can apply it to any effect you like. I'm going to get Motion to enhance my cardistry next. 5/5

  • 3
Spoook • Dallas, TX • 12/02/11

I think the beginner rating given by theory11 is a little misleading. There are a few beginner tricks but there are also a couple of very advanced tricks. I would rate this DVD as intermediate.

Much of the DVD revolves around being able to preform one particular move. If this move suits your style you will be able to get a couple effects from this DVD. Most people will find 2 useful effects, some 3, and even fewer 4.

Overall it's a very good value at $25.

Daniel is a good technical teacher but he doesn't offer many tips in terms of presentation (showmanship).

A couple of the tricks felt more like cardistry than actual effects.

I wouldn't discourage anyone from buying the DVD but it is geared more towards adding a couple effects to your routine. This DVD does not teach you an arsenal of utility skills/moves.

It's really about learning one move you could use in a lot of effects. Ranging from beginner to advanced effects. The way you feel about the move you learn, will probably be the way you feel about the DVD.

  • 5
Axel • United Kingdom • 12/04/09

When I first saw Daniel Madison on theory11 I thought he was amazing. Then I bought Dangerous and thought he was even more amazing then before. His effects are so beyond creative. He's probably the only magician that has inspired me.

My favorite effect of his on Dangerous is probably the Half Vanish. His flourishes are flashy and fast. If you buy these DVD's I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Order it now!

  • 5
Alexander Spencer • United Kingdom • 02/18/09

Firstly, I came across Daniel Madison when I saw one of his renowned effects. So much so, I had to look further into his stuff.

Five minutes of looking and I knew I had found a new standard in magic and flourishing. This is the stuff that makes you not only look like you've been doing it for years, but it feels good when you accomplish one of these fantastic flourishes.

Mystique is pure excellence in every aspect. Daniel teaches brilliantly, and highlights little details that can really improve the various sleights / moves.

Motion contains the secrets of pure and awesome flourishes, well if you can even call them that. They look like you're spinning the cards from the palms of you're hands.

If you want to hone in on some mind-blowing tricks and want to advance into the "big daddy" of flourishing then this set is a MUST!

  • 5
Lane Thompson • ND • 02/05/09

I recently purchased both volumes of Daniel Madison's Dangerous and this is by far the greatest purchase I have ever made. He is a great teacher and the camera angles and explanations are great. You will not regret this purchase. This is the most informative DVD I have ever bought. Great theory11 support also!

  • 5
CardClip928 • CA • 02/02/09

I recently purchased Dangerous : Motion and was extremely impressed. There are so many original, interesting ideas in this DVD. The difficulty is also varied so it's great for different skill levels. Some of the flourishes I could get in a couple days, while others will be a good challenge and will take some time.

The teaching is fantastic and I could follow everything (even on the most difficult cuts). Daniel also gives history and tips for every single flourish. The music is great, the flourishes are awesome, and Daniel's a fantastic teacher. I am beginning to use different moves taught on the DVD in other flourishes I know. Now I'm creating combos and my own flourishes that I never would have imagined.

If you're an intermediate flourisher looking to advance and broaden your knowledge, buy this. It's worth it and it's a lot of fun. You will not regret it.

  • 5
David Martin • Belle Chasse, LA • 08/27/08

I was impressed by the trailer and I knew it had to be good if it had Theory 11's stamp of approval. When I watched the performances on the DVD, I was pretty intimated by how magical and clean the effects looked. I mean this looked like the type of magic you could start religions with. I am happy to report that the effects on the DVD are really within everyone's reach and I am one happy camper. I give this 2 DVD set my highest approval rating.

  • 5
Chris Beason • U.S.A • 08/08/08

Dangerous is, if I am not mistaken here, the first DVD set Daniel Madison has ever produced. I am hoping sincerely that it won't be his last. Oh, and in my sudden fetish for flourishes (yeah... let the jokes start rolling in. Adjones? Minise--- Anyone seen him? I haven't seen him on here in forever!) I picked up this DVD set hoping to learn flourishes. There will be a review for Motion in a while. But for now, on with Dangerous!

What the persons said:

// something.dangerous.has.arrived
One of the most talked about projects of 2008, Dangerous represents the definitive work of underground magician Daniel Madison - a massive two volume (two-disc) DVD anthology of d+M's work, past and present.

Volume I is entitled Mystique, and is dedicated to the magic of d+M. Complete with live performances shot on location in the U.S. with additional footage filmed in the United Kingdom.

And they didn't lie. (Except they are a bit misleading with the fact that it says live performances. There are about 4 or 5 that aren't in front of an audience.)

Case and DVD Menu: The case is cool looking, with the classic Theory11 design having Daniel Madison walking through some really cool looking place you have never heard of as a shadowy figure in twilight. Then at the bottom it says Artist: daniel+Madison.

The Menu is really easy manuever, and all I can say is "Wow". As soon as you pop the DVD in the player, it shows Daniel doing this really, really cool thing with a knife and his hand. Seriously, you have to see this to believe it. It then has 4 options to select from: Play All, Scenes, Credits and T11.

Quality: This DVD, as with other T11 DVDs are High Definition and some of the best quality DVDs out there.

Teacher: It's Daniel Madison. What more can you want? No, I am just kidding. He is a great teacher. Performer, not so much. Yeah... okay, so he can't present worth a crap, but he has a cool accent! The performances are however fun to watch.

Teaching: You will be able to learn from this. Everything is filmed in black and white, but I didn't notice that until the end of the DVD. Regardless, everything is super easy to understand.

Difficulty: It depends on the trick. There are some that are really easy, and some that are really hard. There is definitly something for everyone here!

Effects: These are the awesome effects presented on this DVD.

Bad Influence: Remember that old trick you used to see in all the magic books? The one where you say, "I want you to pick the 3 of Spades. Now pick the 4 of Clubs. Now I will pick the Nine of Hearts." and of course they are all correct? This is definitly the definitive version of that plot. This time, the spectators choose all the cards and it plays together very, very nicely.


Aces: A four ace production. A really neat four ace production. Imagine this: The spectators shuffle the deck, then you take it back. In a few quick flourishes (that aren't hard) you find the first ace. Then, the second is found in your back pocket. The third is found when the deck visually vanishes, and the third ace is split in to two. This is gimmickless and really nice. Oh, and he has the best line that disses Piss Angel, so...


Angle Zero: This is really, really cool. A card is taken, the corner torn off and vanished. It can appear anywhere you want, and it is the same corner. Not a duplicate. There are litterally thousands of applications for this. I don't however know how he comes off as saying it is his. The plot has been around forever, the only things he added were a few subtulties.


Catch: Not something I will perform. In a very quick display, a card chosen seconds earlier appears between two aces that shoot out of the deck. Really cool looking but kinda angle sensative.


Color: A color change based on the shapeshifter. This is just a modified version of it, but he actually teaches two versions. I liked the second one better, but you might like the first. They are the same in handling, just on different positions on the hand.


Half-Vanish: Kinda a fusion of the vanishing card plot and a sandwitch effect. I liked this though because with a simple wave of the hand, half of the card is gone, then the other half, and two cards on the table from the start contain the card. It uses no duplicates and is fairly easy.


Heritage: Aside from Angle Zero, this is the best effect on the DVD. This has the magician holding four cards from the start. The spectator selects a card out of the deck. When inserted and the packet is flipped over, the spectator has chosen the card making a perfect poker hand. This is really easy and definitly something I will use.


Lapse: A two card transposition that I wasn't impressed with. Two cards are signed, one lost in the center and found in your back pocket. Then the card is pulled out and put on the table and found in your back pocket again. Then the one that was previously on the table is turned over and shown to be the other one, lost in the center. It sounds cool, but I don't like the mechanics and it seems to fast for the spectators to follow.


Focus: Another color change. This is really cool. Your hand, inches away from the deck, does a quick waving motion and the card changes. It is very clean looking, but needs years of practice to do fluidly, which is the key to this ones deception.


Role Play: I love this one. The spectator chooses a card which is lost in the deck. The magician then hands the spectator the deck and the card is found in a very magical way. This reminds me of an in the hands version of Ted Lesely's Spectator as the Mindreader. Another thing I definitly will use.


Breach: A very, very very awesome looking card thru glass table top. Very, very, very, very (have I used that enough times? No? Okay then.) very, very, very, very, very, very visual and insanly hard to do. He teaches how to bring it up thru the glass and down thru the glass. Bringing it down is easier, but it is very angle sensitive.


Cost: This DVDs cost was only 25 bucks if you buy them both. If you only bought one, then it was 30 dollars. For something this awesome though, I would have paid more.

Overall: This DVD had a lot of awesome tricks on it. The only thing I question is why, in the U.K., Chris Kenner's book is always on the table. (It is a great book, but I digress.) He is a great teacher, his effects are great, a well put out DVD, and I hope to see more from him sometime in the near future.

Thanks for reading!

  • 5
Eliot • New Zealand • 07/30/08


This is The best Dvd I have ever got. I had never explored palming until Mystique . Don't be discouraged by me, the palming is very easy, he goes over how to palm correctly, which would fool anybody, without the misdirection, which means nobody will even think about looking at your hand. The effects are beautifully simple yet hard hitting. This means you can really focus on the performance. There is no funny moves in any effects , it is extremely fair for the spectator all the way through. I am a intermediate magician, i performed 2 days after getting Mystique, nobody caught my palming, they were freaked out, best reactions ever. GET NOW

Favorites: catch, half vanish, bad influence, Lapse

  • 5
Gustavo Guimaraes • Norway • 06/27/08

Personally, I find that the effects in Mystique and the cardistry in Motion are fantastically planned out . I'll keep this short and snappy and right to the point - which is, essentially, what Dangerous is.

Mystique: This is great. None of the effects here are absurdly complicated. I think that, for a standard skilled magician like myself, I could include all of these tricks in my repertoire. This is by no means a beginner DVD, because Daniel Madison effortlessly incorporates more complicated sleights and flourishes into some of these tricks. It is definitely worth the money.

Motion: I myself am not a master of flourishing, but I think this DVD was put together elegantly. There are flourishes here from beginner to incredibly high skill level.

The teaching was great, because Daniel takes his time to teach in his usual charisma, and after each flourish and each trick he carefully walks us through the process of performing them. You will want to go through the DVD twice though, because it is just over an hour and Daniel can't humanly give you a lecture of every sleight (unless he uses his secret ninja techniques he uses when doing that knife on hand thing... blindfolded. Utmost respect for you, man).

If you want to incorporate the more simple flourishes like Sybil into your magic routines, then pick up a copy of Mystique. If you want to hone in on a variety of effects from intermediate skill to awesome ninja skill, Motion is for you.

What can I say, Dangerous is dangerously close to being the best teaching DVD out there. Get it.

  • 5
George H • York, England • 06/17/08

I bought Dangerous disc 1 - Mystique - as a download recently, and I literally can't stop watching it. It is a great DVD. Beautifully produced with fantastic effects. daniel+Madison exceeded anything I was hoping for - by far.

Mystique has solid effects that are practical, visual, and challenging. It also gives you the chance to see them performed for real audiences in real situations, with multiple angles, tips, and advice! Believe it or not, the first person perspective is invaluable. You can actually follow along step-by-step with Madison. I just love this DVD. Buy it now. What are you waiting for?

  • 5
Hugo Leclercq • France • 06/15/08

// Dangerous - Vol. 1 : Mystique

Bad Influence : The ultimate version of this classic, the effect and the method are awesome. By the way, it's not really easy to understand if you don't know the original trick.

Aces : Beautiful, just beautiful. One of my favorite four ace productions. The explanation is really good, but you need to know the Sybil.

Angle Zero : Simple, effective, versatile, powerful. I prefer to use it as a penetration because the teleportation seems too "impossible". A great skill.

Catch : Catch looks really cool. It requires practice, but it's fast and effective.

Color : Color beats the Shapeshifter. It's fast and beautiful. I like it.

Half Vanish : Half vanish is the perfect sandwich effect. A selected signed card visually disappears - then reappears between two cards that have been on the table the entire time. I seriously love this.

Heritage : The effect is really good. The method is good. Nice trick.

Lapse : Two signed card transposition. Awesome.

RolePlay : This one is cool but the effect is not THAT impressive.

Breach : Breach looks incredible on camera, but it's almost impossible to do in real life - unless you are daniel+Madison!

Overall : 9/10
This DVD is easily worth double the price and features some incredible effects. Grab it ! You won't regret it.

  • 5
Squirrel • theory11 forums • 06/14/08

Dangerous - Volume One

Introduction - As i've only had this DVD for a day, this obviously won't be the most in depth review as I have not used any of these effects myself but if you are wondering if the DVD lives up to the hype, do the effects seem to be practical or is it worth the money then hopefully this review will be of some use to you.

I've never been much of a Daniel Madison fan as it always seemed to be that he took himself far too seriously but this DVD did look interesting so I thought i'd take a look at it. Fortunately Daniel was a lot more friendly and down to earth than I thought he would be so my opinion of him has now improved considerably.

Quality - This DVD is shot in in black and white, I wasn't really sure about the black and white but it does look quite nice and makes the DVD a bit different. The filming is great as you can see everything clearly in both the performances and the explanations.

Performances - Most of the effects are performed for a live audience, it's nice to see performances for a real audience in real situations unlike many magic DVD's where there's a single spectator sitting across the table from the magician who is only there because they're being paid.

Difficulty - It is assumed that you have a basic knowledge of card handling such as double lifts, cuts, shuffles etc. While some effects will need a fair amount of practice none of the effects could be described as 'knuckle busting' and appear to be far easier than many of the tricks in the Trilogy, however, while the sleights may not be as difficult you will need better presentation than is necessary for the trilogy as you will need to use misdirection and as the spectators get to touch the cards a lot you will need good audience management.

Bad Influence - You name a card, e.g. the 2 of hearts. You ask the spectator to go through the deck and pull out the card they think is the 2 of hearts, they hand this card to you. Next, they pass the deck to another spectator and the process is repeated, this is then done again with a third spectator. You turn over the 3 cards in your hand and they are the 3 cards you named. The 3 cards can be examined by the spectator.

This is a very clever use of an old principle, it's fairly easy although it does include a move many people may not be comfortable so that may need a bit of practice. Everything appears very fair as once the deck is handed out to the first spectator you never touch it again and the spectators can examine the cards at the end. There is a small cleanup but there will be no attention on you during it as everyone will be too busy looking at the cards they selected so you can do it very easily.

Aces - The spectator shuffles the deck. You then do a sybil cut and the first ace is left sticking out the deck, the card is then flicked out of the deck (hotshot cut) into your other hand. You then pull the second ace out of your back pocket, next, you show that the deck has vanished leaving just the third ace, the spectators look away for a second and when they look back they see the fourth ace is already on the table with the rest of the aces.

This is a very cool ace production I will definitely be using as soon as i've finished learning it. You may find the production of the first ace difficult if you don't know how to do a sybil cut although it could easily be replaced with a simpler cut. The deck vanish is very deceptive and the misdirection is perfect, i'm quite sure no spectator will see it. It is very similar to a deck vanish used by Derren Brown in the Devil's picturebook but can be unlike the Derren Brown version can be done standing up, it is also much easier.

Angle Zero - A card is selected, you tear a corner of the card. You squeeze the corner and show that it has vanished. The corner reappears in a location of your choice.

This is the effect shown in the preview where the card corner appears on the clock. It is a very interesting method and not something I have come across before. The really great thing about it is that it is the actual corner from the card, not just another one that matches but the real corner. I don't know how often i'll be in a situation where I can perform this but hopefully I will at some point.

Catch - A very flourishy sandwich effect, a card is selected and lost in the deck, you then do a hindu shuffle, the last packet is flipped on to the deck and the selection and 2 aces spin off and land in your other hand.

If you like the flourishy Dan and Dave style effects you'll love this but if you're against displays of skill when doing magic then this one probably isn't for you. The production of the sandwich is very knacky and will take considerable practice but I think it will be worth it. It is very practical and would be great in "Show me a trick" moments.

Colour - A color change inspired by Shapeshifer. You show a card, flick it and it changes.

This is a very visual color change that is similar to the Shapeshifer, it is surprisingly very easy and you should be able to pick it up fairly quickly. There are 2 versions of the change, the first one is best for small groups of people, the second one is for larger audiences. For small groups I think i'll stick with Shapeshifter although I may use the second version as I find that the Shapeshifter change is inappropriate for larger groups.

Half Vanish - A less flourishy sandwich effect. You put 2 aces down on the table then ask a spectator to select a card. You place the card face up on top of the deck and wave your hand over it, the card vanishes and appears between the 2 aces on the table.

A nice sandwich effect, this isn't my favorite effect on the DVD but I will probably use it from time to time. It could be used as a follow up to Catch but works just as well by itself. Annoyingly, the most important move in the whole effect isn't shown during the performance but it is well explained so I guess it doesn't matter, I just don't really like it when artistic decisions in the camera work prevent you from seeing something properly. The vanish of the card is nice and you could probably find many other uses for it even if you don't do this effect.

Heritage - Based on a Darren Brown effect, You bring out 4 cards from a different deck and say they are four cards from a five card poker hand. The spectator shuffles the deck, you then ask them to deal the cards one at a time and stop whenever they like and hand you that card. You show that the cards in the poker hand are the Ace, 2, 4 and 5 of Clubs, you then turn over the spectators selection and it is shown the be the 3 of Clubs.

If you've seen the Derren Brown effect he does in the casino were the spectator chooses the missing card from a poker hand that is nearly the same as Heritage. This is one of my favorite effects on the DVD, the method is quite simple so will allow you to work on your presentation. This is one I will definitely be using.

Lapse - 2 cards are selected and signed. You put one of them in your back pocket, the second is lost in the deck. You then tell the spectator they are going to try and find the second card. You riffle through the cards and ask them to say stop. The card they stop you at is shown to be the first card, this is then left on the table. You take the card out of your back pocket and is shown to also be the first card. The card on the table is then turned over, it is the first card.

A great effect although I don't know that it justifies ruining 2 cards every time, it may be best to use if after you already have 2 signed cards from other effects. An interesting variation on the Riffle force is used that does not require a break. While not appropriate for every situation it is something I think you will find very useful.

Focus - You wave your hand over the card on the face of the deck, it changes, the card is then pulled out of your pocket.

This is a colour change inspired by the Ego / Cardini change that can also be used as a steal. I would probably not use it just for the colour change but as a vanish and reappearance i'm sure you could think of many applications for it.

Roleplay - You spread through the deck and ask a spectator to select a card, it is returned to the deck and lost. You then say that you are going to swap places with the spectator. They spread the cards and you pick one out, it is their selection.

A nice effect that seemed to get a much better reaction from the audience than you might expect, although this is probably because i'm looking at the effect as a magician. It's nothing revolutionary but is practical and has good angles.

Breach - You hold the deck underneath a glass table, the card on the face of the deck penetrates up through the table and then back down again.

You've probably already seen this effect performed as it was released by itself a while ago. It's one of the most practical card through tables i've seen and one of the most convincing as it has no awkward moves. I rarely go anywhere that has glass tables but if I did i'd definitely use this.

The Gamblers Cop - This sleight is used in many of the effects on this DVD and is something you will need to become comfortable using. There is a section at the end of the DVD where Daniel addresses concerns people have about using it. It is never a move I have used much before although I definitely will be in the future.

Conclusion - This is one of the best DVD's I have bought for quite some time, every effect is practical and could be used in the real world. I would like to see more DVD's like this with multiple effects on as opposed to one's with a single trick. It's unbelievable what you're getting for just $30.

  • 5
JR • Rockford, MI • 06/14/08

I LOVE THIS DVD! My favorite cut is Drop Sybil, Sybil in the Rain, Arias, and Lethal X. I create my own flourishes from these ideas.

  • 5
Mason R. • Corona, CA • 06/14/08

This is amazing! I love It.

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