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BREAK by Uday Jadugar

Visually bend and BREAK a signed coin in half - then let the spectator keep the pieces.More Details

Instinct is an impromptu effect where a spectator can text you anything. A word, name, number, picture, literally anything! Then you give your spectator the ability to predict the exact moment their message arrives on your phone.

*It really is their message and it really is your alert!*

You then show the message to be unopened and impossible to read or to know the information without opening it. You then hand the phone to your spectator in this state. You can then tell them the exact content of their message.

*Works with Text, WhatsApp and Email *One time setup then always ready to perform impromptu! *NOTHING to download or install on your iPhone *Over 1 hour of video instruction *Different routines and handlings included *Perform Close up, Street, or EVEN STAGE, all methods included! *You NEED to have an iPhone but your spectator can have ANY PHONE

Instinct is the perfect effect for when someone says, "hey, can you show me something?" Because you don't have to carry anything extra with you other than your iPhone. Instinct is also great for the working pro who wants to increase his business. Think of all the phone numbers of potential clients you will collect by performing Instinct. You can text them your web address after your show. Instinct is also great for the single guy or girl! It's a great way to get a phone number in a fun and amazing way!

But look don't just take our word for it, see what others have been so kind to say about Instinct....

"A great impromptu effect" - Troy, TV Magician

'Myke performed Instinct to me in London - Incredible I had no clue! Any place, anytime miracle.' - Peter Turner

'Instinct is the outstanding result of some very clever thinking combined with modern technology. I can't recommend this highly enough.' - Michael Murray, Creator of Beyond ESP

'Instinct is one of those Rare moments when I had to lift my own jaw off the ground! And that was just the method! Wait till you try it on a muggle!' - Craig Squires, Creator of iLogo

'I love INSTINCT! It's a remarkably clever principle that enables you to perform a modern trick at a moment's notice with zero preparation. There are no 'magic apps' running on your phone, so there's nothing that feels odd to the spectator. Even if they know the functionality of an iPhone inside out, they still won't have a clue how it works. Get this, you won't be disappointed!' - Martyn Rowland, Magic TV consultant

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