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TYCOON Luxury Playing Cards

Produced in collaboration with Steve Cohen at the prestigious Waldorf Astoria Hotel.More Details

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Artist Portrait

Alix Becle

Strasbourg, France

Years in Magic

Hi, my name is Alix and I've been doing magic for four years now. About a year ago I discovered cardistry and now I can't stop. You can watch my cardistry videos on youtube:

How did you first get started in cardistry?

Before I discovered cardistry I was into magic, and of course as any magician, I went on youtube. After a while I saw some cardistry videos, at this moment I was impressed and tried to learn what I thought was a cool and easy cut, the sybil cut, but since I was new to magic I quickly dropped this idea and forgot about it for 3 years. Of course I learnt the basic manipulations, shuffles, flicks but I never wanted to go into cardistry again, I though it was too hard. But still, I loved manipulations so about a year ago I decided to start cardistry, and I wish I had started a lot earlier.

How often do you practice - how do you keep your skills (and mind) sharp?

I'm in high school and I have a lot of work to do, so unfortunately I don't have the time to practise everyday but of course if I could, I would. I catch up on the week ends or at night when I don't have any work to do. At the end I practise hours and hours but since I love it I really don't mind! I practise my moves everytime I can to get them as perfect as I can, by doing that I get used to new techniques that will help me learn others harder techniques. Also to keep my mind sharp I watch cardistry videos daily, of course for the pleasure of watching cardistry but also discovering what exists, the flow, the elegance, the originality and it really helps me seeing how infinit the possibilities are in cardistry.

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