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Union Playing Cards - Now Available

Patriotic playing cards inspired by American history. Made in the USA.More Details

This effect is the hit of my lectures and fun to perform. Much easier to perform than most other linking card effects; the method is devastating.

Not just a trick, it's a routine featuring a multi-phase performance where each phase escalates to the next. Everything happens right before your spectator's eyes. Zero set-up. No gimmicks.

phase one: The magician borrows two playing cards, he rips out their centers and magically makes them link before the spectator’s eyes.

phase two: The cards are separated and spectators are allowed to examine the cards in the middle of the effect.

phase three: The magician causes the cards to link again. Finally the cards are separated and given to the spectators.

+ The cards can be borrowed + No advanced preparation is required + No extra gimmicks + The cards can be handed out for examination

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