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Now Available: BLACK TYCOONS

Produced in collaboration with Steve Cohen at the Waldorf Astoria in New York.More Details

I have put together 10 palms that I'm sure you will test out, either for their naturalness, for their potential, or for their entertainment.

These are filmed and presented to you in such a way to spark your interest and creativity, providing you with more of a learning experience than a How-To video.

The video includes:

DL Palm: A palm, a color change, a steal, a vanish. Classic Palm a card while turning a Double Lift.

Wind Palm (++Appl.): My favorite palm out of them all and the one that has the most potential. After you learn this, you'll always practice it, use it, show off with it and rub it in your magician friends' face.

Pasca Middle Palm (+...): Palm a card from the middle of a spread while reversing it. Why? No one will believe you when you tell them you can do it.

Overhand Shuffle Palm: A natural palm that occurs after you have finished shuffling the cards.

Logi Palm (+Appl.): A palm that happens instantly after you cut the deck on the table.

Automatic Top Palm (++Ideas): A palm that occurs automatically and invisibly under the motion of cutting the deck.

3 Step Palm (+Lapping): A bottom palm that happens on the table, while you're giving the deck a few cuts (3, as the title states).

Messy Palm (Multiple): After messing up all the cards on the table in order to shuffle them, you square the deck up and bottom/top palm a card from the bottom/top of the deck.

Fan Bottom Palm (Subtlety): Spectators names a card from a fan, you out-jog it and in the process of closing the fan, you bottom palm the card.

Blow Palm: Yes, yes. This palm is disguised under the misdirection of you blowing air towards a spread of cards. It's so weird and entertaining you'll be blowing cards in your palm all day, every day, any day. Just blowing and blowing away. "Phuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu" and palm.

Special Thanks

Vernon, Marlo and DnD (Palms) Ludwig Ward (Music) Horia and Igna (Filming) L (teach.) Special thanks: Harapan

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