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Union Playing Cards - Now Available

Patriotic playing cards inspired by American history. Made in the USA.More Details

Full performance with no cuts here:

Ask the spectator to name ANY four of a kind... then proceed to confuse them by removing the aces (even though they named the nines). Each ace turns face up one by one until all four have visually flipped over. Then, when the spectator thinks the effect is over, the four aces visually morph into the four of a kind that they named at the very beginning.

High End sets the spectators up for a smooth very clear journey when the magician cleanly causes 4 visual changes to occur but then they are smacked in the face with the huge kicker that they freely determined before the effect began.

This effect can be performed impromptu and use a borrowed shuffled deck.

Over 30 minutes of detailed instruction are included in the download with clear explanations and a mirror below the cards so everything is understood.

Two alternate endings are provided by Patrick Kun and Alex Pandrea.

Add this quick and visual 4 ace routine to your arsenal today!

Special Thanks

Patrick Kun, Alex Pandrea, Chris Mayhew,, and

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