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Bryan Miles

WATCH by Jacques Le Sueur

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Jacques Le Sueur is the only magician to have stolen South African President Nelson Mandela's watch... twice! Now it is your turn to learn his unique technique for stealing a watch!

# Learn Jacques' technique (known as one of the fastest & smoothest) # Micro & Macro technique covered # Variations on how to reveal the watch # Bonus Routine - Card in Spectator's Sleeve

Available in HD Streaming from your theory11 account with a free 35 page PDF if you download.

Shot in High Definition. Total running time 43 minutes. Produced by DL Productions (South Africa)


"Seeing Jacques work in South Africa, I can tell you unreservedly that his unique watch steal is the perfect combination of method, misdirection and mischievousness to slay any audience." - Gregory Wilson

"By the time you arrive at the end of this sentence, Jacques would have taken your watch - twice!" - Pit Hartling

"The steal in itself is a gem, but the real strength of Jacques' Watch! project are the applications. A concentration of genius ideas !" - Jerome Damien

"WATCH is an excellent approach to stealing watches that eliminates the 'snags' of the classic methods. Jacques approach is clear and well thought through with the added touches that only come from years of working the material. If you steal - buy this!" - Pete Wardell

"I spend many hours with Jacques in Cape Town South Africa in May 2014. His method, routine and misdirection are brilliant. A “Must See” for everybody who is interesting in watch stealing!" - Christian Lindemann

"Stealing a watch is one thing but what you do with it is another. You will find great satisfaction from the ideas shared on this DVD." - Nicholas Einhorn

"I expected just another DVD on the classic watch steal technique. Jacques Le Sueur exceeded my expectations with his new release. The method he teaches is better than the original and his structured routines are flawless. You can't go wrong by purchasing WATCH." - Adrian Tugui

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