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Union Playing Cards - Now Available

Patriotic playing cards inspired by American history. Made in the USA.More Details

Permanent Ink is a gimmick that allows you to do the impossible, imagine the unimaginable, and eff the ineffable.

In one performance, the magician shows his/her hand completely clean and empty. He/She then introduces a Sharpie (owned or borrowed) to the audience. The illusionist draws a dot onto his palm and visually moves the dot to any location on his body using nothing but his own fingertips. At any point, the performer can pause and show that the ink is truly shifting. At the end of the performance, the spectator may examine and feel the ink to confirm it is 100% real.

Another effect involves the spectator choosing a playing card; the magician draws whatever he/she would like. Take the word "DROP" for example. The magician then shakes the card, and one of the letters visually falls toward the bottom of the card. What makes this unique is that the performer can immediately hand the card out for examination. The spectator can keep this magical artifact as a souvenir.

You will learn how to make the ink vanish at a moments notice anytime. Permanent Ink is applicable to almost every situation, and is an open ended effect that is limited only by your creativity. Not for use on squirrels.

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