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Presented by J.J. Abrams, Bad Robot, 826 National, and theory11. What's inside the box?More Details

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Artist Portrait

Derek Ng

Richmond Hill, Canada

Years in Magic

How did you first get started in cardistry?

Most cardists that I know of get introduced to cardistry through magic, I however was introduced to cardistry through card throwing. So basically I was looking through youtube on card throwing performances and ran across a video tutorial by the Virts on the card spring. This fascinated me and I immediately got hooked on the card spring and from there lead me on to learning cuts, fans, etc. Then my friend introduced me to magic a few months after but that's irrelevant.

How often do you practice - how do you keep your skills (and mind) sharp?

For the first year and a half, I would practice every day for many hours trying to learn as much as could about this art form. 2 years later, I now find myself casually playing with a deck of cards and when a new idea comes along I try to work with it and hopefully create something worth sharing.

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