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TYCOON Luxury Playing Cards

Produced in collaboration with Steve Cohen at the prestigious Waldorf Astoria Hotel.More Details

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Artist Portrait

Eric Stevens

Chewelah, WA

Years in Magic

Eric Stevens is an American magician who has been honing his art for over a decade now. Born to connect with people, Eric has been performing in some form nearly all of his life. His start as a musician/magician at age 9 was only the beginning, and he has since branched out (and excelled) in an impressive variety of subjects, including theatre (both acting and directing), dance (both performing and choreographing), playing card and logo design, cinematography and more. His magic is smooth, flowing and powerful, and Eric has even been praised by the illustrious Lance Burton as "Fantastic! I don't have any notes!" Eric is always devising unusual pieces of magic, and is constantly inspired by the giants whose shoulders he now stands upon.

How did you first get started in magic?

When I was nine years old, my grandmother gave me my first magic book, entitled simply, "Card Magic". It was from this one gift that my fascination with cards began. My earliest magic show moment came when I saw an illusionist at the Silverwood Theme Park in Idaho. I was hooked for life.

What advice would you give to new performers just starting today?

Advice? First: GO SLOW, both with rehearsing and practicing. Your audience members can't comprehend something if they aren't allowed enough time to let it sink in. Second: Buy a body-length mirror. The knowledge of how your tricks look like from your AUDIENCE's viewpoint (at any height) is invaluable. Third: Enroll in some kind of theatre class. It will help teach you not only how to behave correctly in front of your spectators, but how to save yourself when something goes wrong. Finally: Practice, practice, practice. No matter how good you think you are, there will ALWAYS be something new to learn.

Which artists have inspired you the most in your work thus far?

I have a large list of magicians I admire, but I would have to put Daniel Garcia, Wayne Houchin, Matheiu Bich and Mickael Chatelain at the tippy-top of it. Their sheer creativeness and bold ideas have transcended our reality's magical boundaries, and I am honored to be part of a group that embraces such amazing individuals. I also can't leave out Calen Morelli and his "365 Days of Magic" project. The dude is UNSTOPPABLE.

How often do you practice - how do you keep your skills (and mind) sharp?

I do my best to practice my techniques every single day, even if it's just springing a deck of cards over and over again. To keep my mind sharp, I like to play with all sorts of puzzles and strategy games, and enjoy the challenge of designing something new. In terms of my skills, I like taking old ideas, and adding on to them in some way. I'm constantly trying to invent new effects and methods; my list is up to about 150 ideas and concepts right now. It's a learning process, every step up the ladder.

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