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Artist Portrait

Geraint Clarke

Newport, United Kingdom

Years in Magic

How did you first get started in magic?

My love of magic started in 2006, when a 3 minute showcase on MTV Base UK featured Dynamo showing Wyclef Jean some magic. The next day I had a job interview and showed up 40 minutes early. So I went to the book store and just by chance, Nicholas Einhorn's Encyclopedia of Magic was on sale for £3.

I went and sat in Starbucks where my coffee cost more than the book I was reading, and learnt a backpalm with a business card I'd had left over in my wallet. I mastered it within a few minutes and carried on to my interview. When it came to asking me about my hobbies and interests at the time. I didn't want to say Boxing, and come across as a brute. So I said magic!

The interviewer asked to see some and I borrowed his business card and made it vanish. We then had an hour and 40 minutes of man-chat (cars, sport, women).... and I got the job. So I decided to keep learning....

What advice would you give to new performers just starting today?

My advice to you is not to join a Magic Society. The one I joined was full of pompous and arrogant old men. Clowns who called themselves magicians, and magicians that acted like clowns.

The ego change fooled them, not cause I did it well, but because they were so far rooted in the dark ages of Mcdonalds aces and thumb tips that it didn't appeal to them to learn it.

2 weeks prior to the release of my first e-book Devious, I showcased some of the material within. I performed it, everyone wanted to learn it, I explained it and nobody bothered to learn it. One member said " You're too good, nobody wants to learn from you... or that flourishy **** " I'd performed a swing cut... not a jackson5. So I never went back.

So my advice is, do what you want in magic ... and not what everyone else is doing. Getting clouded judgement from Magic societies is only going to hold you back.

Oh .. and perform to practice... don't practice to perform. You'll work out the kinks much quicker when performing it to a real spectator straight away.

What is your creative process - how do you come up with new effects and ideas?

Either something comes to me while i'm messing about with a deck of cards or a stick of gum, or a coin.

Or Lloyd Barnes and I challenge each other to a competition. We'll decide on a concept, choose the criteria, reverse-engineer what we'd like to see as an effect and try and make it work. 9/10 we've come up with some real gems.

So constantly challenge yourself, set harsh criteria and reverse engineer what you'd like to see. Anything is possible and creativity is applied effort. You'll get there!

Which artists have inspired you the most in your work thus far?

Dynamo inspired me to get into Magic, and to mix it with flourishing.

Lloyd Barnes inspires me to try and be better than him (it's a constant struggle).

and Gary Jones inspired me to focus on magician fooling effects, that don't use gimmicks after he fooled me twice with the same trick.

Also Mike Stannard for driving me to meeting and having a positive attitude that nurtured my skills.

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