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Hugo Luccioni

villefranche sur saone, FR

Years in Magic

My name is Hugo Luccioni and I am a French magician. Raised by an artist, I have been attracted to many forms of art from my early days.

At 9 I joined a circus school : I performed in various shows as a clown and juggler for several years before I realised it was not enough.

A few years later I decided I wanted to be a professional dancer and joined a dance school. I was motivated and good at it but I still wanted more.

So I remained in this constant research for something different and unique until the year of my seventeenth birthday when, in the South of France , I met a magician. I was fascinated by his performance and the reactions of the audience. At the end of his show he sold some of his tricks and my mother insisted in buying me one. My first trick ! I hesitated a while but finally accepted the gift. I did not know it then but this gimmicked deck was going to be the key to my greatest dream. Since that day magic has become a passion, an addiction,a way of life and I cannot imagine a day without it.

Advised by Yves Doumergue for my professional act and working on a show for the stage, I try to work  in different places to find my personal thing.

For several years now I have created tricks and flourishes with the idea of finding a different way of doing them.

The world is a playground so bring joy to people, make them dream , believe in impossible things and don't forget to have fun every day.

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