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Union Playing Cards - Now Available

Patriotic playing cards inspired by American history. Made in the USA.More Details

Imagine borrowing a credit / debit card and pulling off the magnetic strip right in front of the spectator!

With Identity Theft you walk up to a spectator and explain how identity theft is a big deal right now, and before we had the internet, crooks would have to memorize your numbers while standing behind you. Your spectator accepts the challenge and you give them 5 seconds to remember as many numbers as they can. While failing to remember all the details you point out how the all your information is simply stored on the magnetic strip. From there you VISUALLY peel of the magnetic strip in front of them and restore it back to normal. You START CLEAN and END CLEAN! Everything can be examined at the end!

* Based off an idea from Brad Manuel * New Methods with Original Handling Ideas - No SWITCHING or Palming! * Can Be Borrowed and Examined! * Very Visual and Easy to Do!

P.S - This effect is not just limited to credit cards. You can use gift cards, store cards, or any card with a black magnetic strip on the back!

Special Thanks

:: Theory11 / Patrick Kun / Casshan Wallace / Chris Wiehl / Dan Hauss

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