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Union Playing Cards - Now Available

Patriotic playing cards inspired by American history. Made in the USA.More Details

The whole video is about 18 minutes in length and contains four items along with the basic prerequisites. The video is structured like a book and is divided into five chapters.

Chapter 1 - In the first chapter, you're going to learn the basics that you need for the other items in the download. You'll learn how to properly shuffle the cards in a tabled position and how to perform a casino-style running cut sequence. You're also going to learn how to use those two moves to retain the top stock of the deck.

Chapter 2 - In the second chapter, you learn a basic riffle stacking demonstration. The demonstration can also be used to practise your false deals.

Chapter 3 - The third chapter teaches you a quick and simple ace production. A variation that ends with a suprise is also included.

Chapter 4 - In the fourth chapter, you will learn how to move a slug of cards from the top to the bottom of the deck. A variation is shown as well. The transfer can also be used to start a Greek-Deal demonstration.

Chapter 5 - In the last chapter, you'll learn how to control a slug of cards from the bottom to the top of the deck. A way of using the method as a Riffle Stacking demonstration is explained as well.

Please be aware of the fact that, although this is meant as an introduction to gambling sleights, the moves aren't easy and will take you some time to get down. It is also recommended that you're already familiar with the Second Deal.

Special Thanks

Steve Forte, Richard Turner, Darwin Ortiz, Jason England, and AMcD

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