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Presented by J.J. Abrams, Bad Robot, 826 National, and theory11. What's inside the box?More Details

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Artist Portrait

Johnathan McRae

orlando, florida

Years in Magic

My name is John Nathan, I've been doing magic since 2004. I love to do coin, card and money magic. I think the best type of magic is when you catch a person off guard. Have fun doing magic you can take magic serious or you can have fun. I have fun with my magic i make people laugh when i perform. I be my self i make my spectators feel like they have known me there whole lives. They have fun as well if your not having fun their not having fun!!!

How did you first get started in magic?

i watched criss angel on television he was my big inspiration for going into magic!!!

Which artists have inspired you the most in your work thus far?

criss angel is my big inspiration other magicians such as dan white,daniel garcia, jeff prace, whayne houchin,dan sperry, marcus eddie, dalton wayne, dan hauss, david stone, peter eggink, richard sanders, tom issacson and brian brushwood

What advice would you give to new performers just starting today?

All i would have to say is be yourself. Don't let any one discourage you. Rise above all hate your bigger than anyone else. Just be yourself be creative and always inspire other magicians to do there very best!!! Don't ever get nervous if a trick goes wrong your never going to see that person ever again. Be calm be yourself and be confident and above all HAVE FUN!!!

How often do you practice - how do you keep your skills (and mind) sharp?

You should practice every second you get. Whether it be a little slight or a big illusion. Just practice and practice. Practice makes perfect. Practice in front of a mirror,practice on your family,practice for your video camera. Practice makes perfect and when your perfect at something its a gift!!!

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