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José Prager

Puebla, United States

José Prager has yet to release any tricks on The Wire.

Years in Magic

José Prager is a mind reader.

Hailing from the beautiful city of Puebla; José is the only performer of his kind in the state; this allows him to soak up a plethora of professional gigs from leading corporate entities and all classes of citizens. He performs his pieces of original mentalism almost every day and as all that he creates can be performed under test conditions, he is known as the real deal. He is not a trickster; José has a power that people simply can’t explain other than attributing it to a sixth sense.

With slicked-back dark hair with tones of greyed-gold and a gaze that stares into the windows of your soul, José creates a truly theatrical performance that brings his participants and spectators on a journey through a variety of emotions as he reveals information about them that not even Facebook knows. A contemporary style, a professional in every element of his personality, there is a reason that this world-traveled performer steals the hearts of his audiences, as well as he steals their thoughts.

Born in October 1989 as the son of a German woman and a Mexican man, José developed obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) while growing up. While this could be seen as a defect, the Mexico born psychology student honed his craft and focused his need for perfection into the routines and effects he creates. No stone is left un-turned in José’s work as he simply cannot leave it unscathed.

Mentalism is his obsession and now, he is sharing with the elite fraternity the real work on reading minds and revealing thoughts. Sean Waters once called José Prager “The young Paul Harris of mentalism” because of his understanding of classic technique and his ability to mentally step outside the box and bend every rule in the book to achieve the desired effect and the perfect deception.

José now runs, a publishing company that is very quickly growing as he has begun to publish not only his own creations, but those of the top thinkers in the industry including Luke Jermay and Peter Turner. On the eMentalism site, you will find several exclusive works from top artists that you will not be able to find anywhere else.

José Prager is a mind reader.

José Prager is a deep thinker.

José Prager is the real deal.

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