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Artist Portrait

Jose Morales

Las Vegas, NV

Jose has yet to release any tricks on The Wire.

Years in Magic

My nickname is Franky an I like messing with cards.

How did you first get started in cardistry?

I originally saw Dan and Dave's System project in which it floored me at the time. After that, I just needed to learn everything I could.

Which artists have inspired you the most in your work thus far?

Well there's a few and for different reasons...

The Virts have always inspired me to always try to achieve "perfection" if that even exists haha.

Andrei Jikh for his crazy flourishes and constantly proving that Cardistry can be more than just a media based art.

Dan and Dave constantly bring me back to when I first started. The amazement still lingers whenever I watch their videos.

Dimitri Arleri for his artistic but simplistic (not really) approach to Cardistry.

How often do you practice - how do you keep your skills (and mind) sharp?

All day every day. I dont think I would need to practice 24/7 but I just enjoy it so much, I often find myself having a deck in my hands at all times.

What vision do you see for the future of cardistry?

Hopefully more performances and new concepts by crazy new people? Possibly even the first Cardistry convention...

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