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Foreign Exchange is an effect that uses three coins from different countries One at a time the magician causes the coins to visually jump from his left hand to his right. This is an updated take on the classic 3 Fly plot. Foreign Exchange resets instantly and is perfect for any type os trolling/street magic.

In addition to learning Foreign Exchange, you will learn TQ, an impromptu effect that ties in perfectly with Gregory Wilson's "A Questionable Trick." TQ uses a penny and a dime. The magician fairly places the penny in the spectators hand and picks up the dime. With just a wave, the dime the magician was holding has now changed into the penny, and in the coin in spectators hand has changed into a dime.

NOTE: To perform this effect, you will need a standard coin gimmick called a Copper Silver Coin.

Special Thanks

Chris Kenner, Lee Asher, Daryl, Eric Jones, and Gregory Wilson


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