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Presented by J.J. Abrams, Bad Robot, 826 National, and theory11. What's inside the box?More Details

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Artist Portrait

Robert Ogaz

davneport, florida

Years in Magic

Hey guys my name is Robert Ogaz and I would love to thank all the people that im friends with for being so supportive I love you guys and I want to tell you I love magic its the one thing ive been doing that I never quit ive been doing it for six years and I love to create and I love to do other peoples and I really like card magic and stuff like that I know I don't got a lot of magic on here right now but I promise I will have a lot more soon so keep looking.

How did you first get started in magic?

I got started in magic when I saw my first episode of Criss Angel mindfreak and then I was hooked.

Which artists have inspired you the most in your work thus far?

There is a couple of people theres Micheal eaton theres also criss angel tons of people :)

What advice would you give to new performers just starting today?

Just think of how you can make your magic better and trust what you come up with.

What is your creative process - how do you come up with new effects and ideas?

I think of cool things that I can do with objects and once I think of that idea I don't stop till I come up with a method for what I want to create.

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