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Union Playing Cards - Now Available

Patriotic playing cards inspired by American history. Made in the USA.More Details

Take a playing card and begin fold it into quarters. You then tear the card into four pieces.

Taking the first two pieces, you display them clearly front and back and tell your audience to watch as you just touch the torn edges together slowly. With gentle blow, the two pieces are now fused back together. You can turn them all the way around to show that the two pieces are now truly restored.

Taking another quarter piece of the torn card, you cleanly display it, front and back. You simply touch it on to the first restored pieces. Instantly the piece is restored, the card is shown all round, and it is handed out for inspection, leaving one final piece of card.

Taking the final piece of card, explain that there are two edges to restore. By gently touching the first torn edge of the final piece on to the card, it melts right back on. One edge left. All you do is fuse the edges together with no funny movements, leaving the card totally restored. It can be handed out immediately.

No gimmicks. No glue. No sticky stuff. Extremely Practical. Shot with over 20 minutes of crystal clear HD over-the-shoulder instruction.

Special Thanks

Guy Hollingsworth, Paul Harris, Yves Doumergue, Daniel Garcia, Wayne Houchin Song: Unison -


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