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Now Available: DOUBLE CROSS

As performed by Dan White backstage at The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon!More Details

RUBBERPOP //Rubber Band VISUALLY appears in the pen, pencil or sharpie that you are holding.

DUAL POP // make the rubber band visually appears in the pen that you are holding not just once, but TWICE!

RUBBER SPLIT // imagine putting a SINGLE rubber band inside the pen that you are holding, then you stretch the rubber band and as you release the band, it splits into TWO!!!

-completely examinable -Everything can be handed out immediately -super visual -easy to do -no gimmicks -totally impromptu -you can use a PEN, PENCIL, or any SHARPIE Your imagination is your limit.

This is RUBBER POP and I hope you enjoy it!

Special Thanks

RMC, Arnel Renegado, Dalton Wayne, Rick Lax, Event Horizon team

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